Do you know that if you make an endeavor to find out when and by whom atheism was authored you will not be able to find such information from any source? Not even the most "educated" atheists - particularly those associated with the most elite universities throughout the world can truthfully inform you when and by whom atheism originated. They can enlighten you as to who were its main perpetuators in different cultures; but they cannot identify its founder and when it actually originated.

The absence of a known author and time of origin of such a highly embraced philosophy is a strange phenomenon. But this phenomenon is highly indicative. It suggests that atheism is not of earthly origin - that it had its birth in another sphere before this state of time. Atheism is not a manmade doctrine but a doctrine of the demons. Its originator is none other than the old serpent himself, namely, satan. It had its origin from the very one it deceptively denies exists. It is a doctrine which denies the authorship and existence of its own author! This accounts for the absence of information in any literature embraced by atheists that identify both a human author and earthly time of origin for atheism.

The process by which atheism originated was much more involved than can be explained here, so a simple presentation of the basic principles that gave it birth must suffice. I will endeavor to explain how atheism had its origin by first directing your attention to a principle in the Bible found in Romans Chapter 9, verse 14. The Holy Spirit who spoke through the pen of the Apostle Paul, drew a conclusion from what is presented in the previous verses. In the entire chapter, He teaches that God is sovereign over the salvation and reprobation of humans - that God does not love everybody - that He decreed that some should be the objects of His eternal love and the rest should be the objects of His eternal wrath - that God, from His own will, has mercy on some humans while He hardens the rest. He has done this apart from anything they do good or bad. He teaches that humans are not truly masters of their destinies, but God is - that the details of their lives and destinies were foreordained by God in eternity past - before He brought any of them into existence. Then He asked the question: "...There is no injustice with God, is there?" We are then very emphatically given the divine answer: "May it never be!"

The Holy Spirit implies from the question that graceless humans who are informed about the truths of God's sovereignty over the salvation and reprobation of humans will falsely conclude that God is unjust for loving some and hating the others - for decreeing that those He love should spend eternity in heaven and decreeing those He hates to spend eternity in the lake of fire, both apart fom anything they do good or bad in this world. A false conclusion that God is unjust for His actions is what began the birth process of atheism. It is very important to keep that fact in mind.

A conclusion that the Almighty Righteous God is unjust or wrong for any of His actions cannot be arrived at except through the total depravity of those who draw such a conclusion. So in order to understand how atheism had it origin, It is crucial to realize that the total depravity of the nature of satan is the key principle that underlies the origin of atheism. The total depravity of both the human and demonic natures is really none other than an antithetical principle or law to God and His Law. If you liken God and His righteousness to light and the total depravity of humans and demons to darkness, you can understand the antithetical nature of the two to one another. Light and darkness can never coexist; the one always dispels the other. Thus, the two are ANTI to one another. When the one expresses itself in the presence of the other, the other repels and cannot agree with the other, regardless of the expression. Atheism had its origin through the practical mental reaction of satan's depravity towards God's actions. The response of satan's depravity was the false conclusion that the actions of God are wrong or evil.

Even though the conclusion that God is unjust is high error and was known by satan to be so, his total depravity nevertheless made it impossible for him to conclude otherwise. Depravity must direct the hearts of its graceless subjects against God even though they know better. This is because of the very antithetical nature of depravity to God and His Law. The nature of both human and demonic depravity is an unvarying and uncompromising principle that works apart from what its subjects know and remains opposed to God at all times despite God's actions and despite their knowledge that it is impossible for God to be wrong.

The negative expressions of God towards the existence and outworkings of the depraved natures of humans and demons is always right, whereas the negative expressions and opposition of the depraved natures of humans and demons towards God are always wrong. The very antithetical nature of the depravity of graceless humans and demons invariably enslaves them to react negatively to God regardless of what God does. Therefore, their depravity reacts negatively to God, despite the fact that God can never do evil and despite the fact that He is always perfectly innocent. Here lies also the origin of insanity.

In order for satan to have arrived at the false conclusion that God is unjust in the midst of full knowledge that it is impossible for God to be so, his depravity had to cause him in principle to haughtily and deceptively seek to raise himself above God in order to judge God's actions. It was a haughty attempt of a measly, totally depraved creature to reduce the Almighty God to the level of a creature and to raise himself to the position of God in order to subject God's actions to his own judgement. It is impossible for the Almighty God to be debased to the level of a measly, depraved creature; and it is just as impossible for a measly, totally depraved creature to be exhalted to the level of the Almighty God. Satan understood this very well. However, his depravity nevertheless made him endeavor to assume such a deceptive role.

In order for satan to have endeavored to judge God, there had to be in place some type of opinion, philosophy, religion, charter or law by which he used to try to judge God. But God is not subject to anything. Nothing exists whatsoever that God is subject to or responsible to obey. God is not subject even to the most noble law in the universe - the TEN COMMANDMENTS - which He made for mankind, nor to any law made for the angels. He is above all laws and does only His own will. So there is no law He can possibly violate by any of His actions. Therefore, He cannot be rightly judged to be wrong in any action He performs. The only choices satan had by which to seek to judge God were some form of his own depravity - the antithetical principle of evil - the law of sin, or the most noble Law in the universe - the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Either choice would be the evil one attempting to judge the Righteous One - evil trying to condemn the rightousness as being evil - an impossibility and absolute deception. But he probably chose the latter so as to make God deceptively appear wrong by His own Law. Again, an impossibility and absolute deception.

Once satan deceptively drew the conclusion that God is wrong, the inference created within him a deep, abiding but unjust hatred and wrath for God. The ultimate end of all hatred is the death or complete destruction of the object of hatred. The hatred that satan had for God was not satisfied with merely seeking to punish God. It was satisfied with nothing less than God's annihilation.

But satan's foolish wrath created huge dilemmas for him. Although he wrongly concluded that God is unjust and wanted God annihilated as a result, he also clearly understood that it is impossible for God to be subject to his or anyone's feelings, opinions, religions, philosophies, charters or laws, or any law God has made. But he was nevertheless forced by his depravity to make a condemning judgement against God which sought God's annihilation. (A condemning judgement against God in the midst of the absence of a law that can condemn Him is insane hatred pure and simple.) But then he was faced with his knowledge that it is impossible for God to be destroyed by anyone, any means or anything. But his depravity and insane hatred for God insisted that God be annihilated! The dilemmas only served to inflame his foolish wrath. So after ranting and raving to no effect, the only way possible for him to gain some satisfaction from his rage and a semblance of the destruction of God in the midst of his understanding that God cannot be annihilated was through deception. He had to begin to deny the existence of God in full knowledge of His existence. This was the actual deceptive and utterly foolish birth of atheism.

The birth of atheism deceptively made satan feel free from his responsibility to obey and worship God, even though he also knew he wasn't free. It made him deceptively feel he had the freedom to think and speak whatever he wanted without the feeling that it was sin, even though he knew this was not so. It made him deceptively feel that there is no punishment from God awaiting him, even though he knows full well there is. With God supposedly out of the picture, satan could establish all of the various erroneous manmade and demonic philosophies, religions, opinions and etc. in the world and none of them would be wrong in the eyes of his atheism. Democracy could be established to give all these the right of existence. Hence the birth of demonic democracy.

Lets recount the demonic steps that led to the birth of atheism: First came the measly and totally depraved demon's deceptive efforts to exhalt himself to the level of the Almighty God and his deceptive efforts to debase God to the level of a depraved creature. Second came his deceptive efforts to judge God's actions by the demon's own depravity or by the law God made for human or angels. Third came the demon's deceived conclusion that God is unjust or wrong in what He does. Fourth came his deceptive effort to impose the sentence of annihilation upon God's existence. And fifth came the deceptive denial of the existence of God as a substitute for an impossibe annihilation of God. As you can see, each step from beginning to end during the birth of atheism was pure deception on the part of one who knows the truth. This proves that atheism is pure deception.

You will find those five principles at work in the hearts of every atheist. The conclusion that the One and only True God doesn't exist cannot be derived except through deception. Atheism didn't receive its origin by a true absence of proof of God's existence, because there has always been and always will be overwhelming proof to the contrary. Atheism had its origin by the expression of satan's depravity towards God, and it is embraced, maintained and perpetuated among graceless humans as a result of their total depravity. In other words, atheists follow in the footsteps of their master, the devil.

It was pointed out earlier that "The negative expression and opposition of the depraved natures of humans and demons towards God in regards to any of His actions are always wrong". It can't be any other way, because God is perfectly holy and therefore incapable of performing evil in any of His actions. Thus, in every case wherein humans or demons judge God to be wrong, it is done through the total depravity and deep hatred of those who are evil and already condemned because of being evil. Evil can never rightly condemn the righteous or the innocent. Any attempt to do is nothing but injustce. The perfect holines of God, His inability to sin and the impossibility of any creature or thing to condemn Him is clearly understood by those who express their foolish wrath towards God. This understanding adds to the heinousness of atheism. Atheism was born out of the deep depravity and deceptive wrath of the lowest creature that ever existed. His anger towards God amounts to a deep desire to murder the Most High God, to get rid of all righteousness and establish evil as if it is good - in the midst of his knowledge that such is impossible. Thus, the wrath that he has towards God - his desire to murder and annihilate Him, has fallen on his own head. That is, the deep wrath of the Almighty God is upon him. He cannot carry out his wrath upon God, but there is nothing that can stop God from pouring out His wrath upon him. All who are of like mind as satan - who embrace his atheism also has the wrath of the Almighty God against them. If God doesn't grant them His grace, they shall suffer eternal punishment in the lake of fire with satan. "...There is no injustice with God, is there? May it never be!"



In the above article, I have proved that atheism did not have an earthly and human origin, but had its origin from satan before this state of time. Out of all the responses I have received from atheists, not one has been able to intelligently and credibly dispute that fact. They are confounded that they cannot come up with a human author and earthly time of existence for their atheism. They are quick to erroneously claim that the TEN COMMANDMENTS were authored by a human, and some of them claim that Moses authored them, but they cannot name an earthly author and time of origin for their own philosophy.

Why are atheists so quick to try to attach a human to the TEN COMMANDMENTS when they cannot do so to their own philosophy? If Satan is not atheism's author and atheists cannot pinpoint a human author, perhaps their atheism came into being by a cataclysmic explosion. LOL! Or perhaps atheism brought itself into existence by its own prior nonexistence. LOL!

So I have two bold challenges for atheists: If satan is not the author of atheism, I hereby challenge the most educated and capable of them to prove that satan is not its author and prove that it had an earthly origin. I also challenge atheists to prove that the TEN COMMANDMENTS were authored by a human. Before you try the latter impossibility, read my article titled: "God is the Author of the TEN COMMANDMENTS".



Heathens do indeed seek to establish false gods and idols of the imagination, or manmade or demonic religions which have no true right to be imposed upon anyone. It is right to vehemently resist and legislate against the efforts of people who seek to establish manmade or demonic teachings that dictate the worship of gods of the imagination or any created thing (Deuteronomy 13:1-11). Such "religions" do indeed deceive and cause needless conflicts and wars and much trouble in the world, which make them worthless to mankind. But such do not give justification to anyone to deny the existence of the one and only true God. That is like denying the real existence of a particular genuine diamond simply because one is only familiar with counterfeits. The Creator of the heavens and the earth does indeed exist, and it is to the eternal peril of the persons who deny His existence.

It is just as foolish to deny the existence of the true God as it is to be deceived into worshipping false gods. The people who deny God's existence and those who worship false gods are principally one and the same, because the former having rejected the true God must inescapably turn to worship some form of God's creation (Roman 1:21-23, 25). It's not possible to deny the existence of the true God without worshipping some type of false god any more than it is possible to turn from light and remain outside the realm of darkness. Having rejected the true God, every atheist must therefore turn to some form of idolatry. Since atheists say they deny the existence of everything in the spiritual realm, they must worship cursed earth or forms of corporeal creation. But their denial of the existence of anything spiritual is only deception, because the spiritual realm and spiritual beings do exist. God has given all corporeal creation over to the one atheists nevertheless ultimately worship and whose existence they deny, namely satan (Luke 4:5-8). Thus atheism is just as much a form of heathen religion that establishes and worships false gods as all the rest of manmade and demonic religions. It, therefore, is not good for any part of mankind and has no right to existence as all the rest.

Only one true God exists (Ephesians 4:4-6; 1 Timothy 2:5). Two of the greatest witnesses of His existence are the testimony of conscience and the light of nature. Even if there were a total absence of any verbal or written testimony to God's existence throughout the existence of humankind, fools nevertheless would say in their hearts "...there is no God" (Psalms 14:1: 53:1; 10:4), and would further express their denials verbally, in writings, in rebellious personal acts and in antiGod legislation. They would do so in effort to stifle their own innate consciousness of God's existence, which God places at the core of the being of every human (Romans 1:19), and to suppress their perception of the truth of God's existence, which they clearly perceive from the wonders which exist in all of creation (Romans 1:20). So they would be reacting to the testimony of their own consciences and the light of nature. These two witnesses herald the truth of God's existence louder than all human testimony collectively. Every denial of the existence of God is always a suppression of the witness of the conscience and the light of nature (Romans 1:18-23).

Just as God gives infants the natural instinct to suckle the breast without them having to be taught to do so, He also establishes in every human the instinctive knowledge of His existence and the ability to clearly discern it through the light of nature. But atheists' denials of God's existence proceed from the willful sickness of their totally depraved hearts and forms of demon possessions. These work as a syndrome to squelch their divinely bestowed instinct to acknowledge God. Their willful sickness of heart is like a terrible disease that impairs infants' natural instinct to suckle the breast.

People who squelch their natural, innate instinct of perception of the existence of the true God do nothing more than personally legislate against the rightful functions of their own natural selves. This is like squelching the natural and rightful God-given instincts of thirst, hunger, etc. Such squelching, therefore, is like a death blow to one's existence. Atheists, therefore, pose a grave danger to humanity. Since they suppress their own natural, God-inclined instinct, they will also endeavor to suppress the acknowledgement and worship of God outside of themselves in whatever authoritative and nonauthoritative capacity they serve, and to legislate against it in society. So they will make effort to remove the worhip of the true God wherever it is found among humanity. Various forms of such suppression are already at work throughout the American society and the world community.

You may ask how is it that the realization of the existence of God is established in every human? It is there by virtue of every human having received human existence from God Himself and through His Holy TEN COMMANDMENTS, which He places in the hearts of every human to make them responsible to Him (Romans 2:14-16). But there are TEN divinely established COMMANDMENTS - requiring righteous responsibilities both to God and to mankind (Matthew 22:34-40) - the former four being just as sane as the latter six. It is impossible for any one of the COMMANDMENTS to be abrogated. The divine authorship of the TEN COMMANDMENTS is partly evidenced by the requirements of the first four and the impossibility for any of the TEN to be annulled. It is further evidenced by the fact that all TEN always are engraved in the hearts of every person of mankind when they receive their existences. They who foolishly search for a human author of the TEN COMMANDMENTS or who endeavor to give them a human origin do so in vain.

Not even the most highly "educated" and "capable" atheists can present, even unto their own consciences, the least shred of credible evidence that the one and only true God doesn't exist. Their own consciences will not be satisfied by any type of deception they suggest, because no real evidence to that effect can possibly exist. Let atheists fashion as much dunce "proof" as they can, for it amounts to nothing more than an opiate of deception they rely upon to sooth their guilty consciences as a result of their terrible moral crimes against God and humanity. The only thing they end up proving is the existence of the deep depravity of their own hearts - confirming the testimony of the holy Scriptures about the terrible fallen condition of all mankind. It is only through the depravity of the human heart that humans deny the existence of their Creator. It is impossible for such a denial to be made otherwise.

So by their denial of God's existence, atheists harden their hearts against the only true salvation there is for humans and heap up more wrath for themselves on the day when every human must give an account to God. On that day, their consciences will be resurrected, and both their consciences and the light of nature will testify against them (Romans 2:14-16).

Read Revelation 11:1-13.



There is a basic principle about satan, his subjects and satanic atheism that true Christians should thoroughly understand and always keep in mind. The principle is this: Whatever way satan, his evil or his subjects speak evil of God or His righteousness, the same is invariably true of satan, his evil and his subjects. Since atheism is a product of satan, it follows that in whatever way atheism speaks evil of and condemns true Christianity, the same is invariably true of atheism.

Atheism accuses Christianity of being very closed-minded and prides itself in being open-minded. However, the reverse is true. Atheists are some of the most - if not the most - closed-minded subjects of satan there are on earth. The reason this is so is that they close their minds to the existence of the true God, who is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, etc., and focus their depraved attention on the paltry works of totally depraved and cursed humanity and on their minute and everchanging appearance of "knowledge" about nature.

The totality of everything God's Elect (righteous mankind) should rightly reject and close their minds to is far less than that to which atheists wrongly close their minds. The God whom true Christians serve is infinitely greater than anything the minds of atheists are open to, and it is to this infinitely Greater One that the minds of atheists are closed. Since the Almighty God is greater than all of His creation, atheists are far more closed-minded by virtue of rejecting the Greater One, and true Christians are far more open-minded by accepting, being united to and placing their faith in the Greater One.

But the depraved minds of atheists go beyond being closed to the Almighty God, His glory and His righteousness. Their foolish and insane close-mindedness also extends itself to the existence of a great portion of God's creation, such as heaven, angels, hell, the lake of fire, demons, etc., because of their disbelief of their existence.

They also close their minds to the most important aspect of human existence, which is the human soul. They thereby close their minds to part of their own existence. Who but utterly insane people would admit that they have corporeal bodies while denying that they have heads? Atheists admit that their existence consists of corporeal bodies but deny or close their minds to the fact of the existence of their souls. It is their souls that gives life to their bodies!

This damnable hypocrisy and blindness of atheism are just two of the many ways human depravity is revealed (a fact that atheists also close their minds to). They are part of the overwhelming evidence of the fallen state of mankind. It is from their fallen state that Christ saves His elect of mankind. But alas, insane atheism also causes its subjects to close their minds to the only way of salvation from the eternal wrath of God.



A fundamental principle about knowledge is that it is always the product of the mind of a thinking and rational being. Another fundamental principle is a mind can only receive knowledge from another mind. From whatever source a mind obtains knowledge, that knowledge always ultimately comes from another mind. There has never been and can never be an exception to these facts.

The minds of humans can impart knowledge to one another from their store of knowledge, but they can never impart it directly or telepathically. They must always do so indirectly through primary means such as through the use of their bodies (their tongues and lips, for example, as they speak) or apart from their bodies through secondary means which they use or devise. If you carefully examine any object of human technology, it is obvious that it took a rational mind or minds with knowledge enough to make it. Any person who gains knowledge and understanding about how to operate the technology does not gain knowledge from the technology itself as if the technology had a mind to impart knowledge; rather, the technology becomes the secondary means by which knowledge is gained from the minds who made the technology. Any corporal thing devised by a mind represents a level of knowledge and understanding of that mind, and any other mind which gains knowledge from the thing obtains knowledge from the mind who made it.

Material things and creatures not endowed with the faculty of reason are not able to communicate knowledge since they do not have minds, and therefore a mind cannot obtain knowledge from them as the first causes. Any knowledge that can be obtained through material things and irrational creatures does not come from a mind in them, but they are the secondary means by which the mind obtains knowledge from the mind who created them. A book which contains worthwhile knowledge does not communicate the knowledge as a result of a mind in the book, but it is the author of the book who communicates his knowledge using the book as a secondary means.

Just as a mind can receive knowledge from things made by the minds of other humans, a mind can also obtain knowledge from the things which human minds could never have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to make -- such as from the myriad things of nature. When one considers that fact, the two fundamental truths mentioned above about knowledge must be kept in view. If this is done, it will be clearly perceived that any knowledge that can be gained from the things of creation and irrational creatures also comes from a mind. Since knowledge can be gained from the various things in nature and since it is always the product of a mind and a mind exists only in rational beings, then the knowledge that can be gained from the various things in nature represents the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of the rational being who created them. Therefore, the knowledge that can be gained from the things of nature disproves evolution and proves that an intelligent and rational being created all things. Knowledge that can be gained from the things of creation testifies to the indisputable existence of God.



---GOOD MORNING CLASS--- Today I would like to relate to you a true story: One day while traveling on an expressway, I spotted a black Labrador retriever standing in the grass. The dog was facing the highway as if he was ready to run across. Fearing that he would be killed, I stopped in the emergency lane, got out of my vehicle, went to the dog and began to pet him. He was very healthy and friendly. After befriending him I placed him in my vehicle. He didn't have a collar. It was my intention to endeavor to find his owner by placing an ad in the local paper, but for several days before doing so I kept the dog at my residence in my house. One day when I took a trip to a grocery store I carried the dog with me. It was my intentions to leave the dog in my vehicle while I was in the store. But as soon as I opened the door of my car, the Labrador quickly jumped out and ran towards the entrance doors of the store. I quickly shut the door to my vehicle and ran in the direction of the dog shouting to the dog to come back. When he reached the doors, they opened for him and he ran into the store. As soon as I entered the store, I saw him run up to his owner who was standing in the checkout line. The person he ran to was quite obviously his owner because he knew the dogs name and was glad to see him. My conversation with the man proved further that was his dog. That dog condemns all atheists. Dumb creatures of instinct know their owners, but atheists who are thought to comprise the most educated segment of society do not know and understand their Owner, the Most High God (Isaiah 1:3).


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