Tell me oh foolish atheists, which one of you has the civilized and moral ability to fight for the lives of innocent unborn human embryos and fetuses who will be aborted? Which one of you is an advocate for saving their lives? Not one of you! Your atheism is useless and murderous! You do not have the ability to stand up for the protection of the lives of the most innocent and weak human beings!

Which one of you has the ability to love the most noble and perfect Law in the universe made for mankind - the TEN COMMANDMENTS? Not one of you! Your atheism is useless and immoral because you cannot even force yourselves to be an advocate of the only perfect Law there is.

Which one of you has the ability to honor and glorify your Maker - the one and only true God? Which one of you has a love for Him rather than an enmity? Which one of you can admit His true existence? Not one of you! Your atheism is therefore utterly worthless because it causes you to deny the existence of the Almighty God. You therefore worship and serve satan and do his will while even denying his existence as well.

Which one of you has the ability to stand up for true justice? Which one of you can stand to see true justice administered? Which of you know how to balance the scales and equations of justice and give criminals just and righteous punishment? Not one of you! You murder innocent human fetuses and embryos while you feed, parole and reward death worthy criminals. Your atheism is worthless because you mete out injustice in the land. No one is sure that justice will be served. You therefore slap and spit in the face of victims of crime, protect criminals and dare the victims to take the law into their own hands.

Tell me, which of you is not a hypocrite? Which of you is not full of contradictions? You call Hitler the greatest monster in history, who is said to have murdered a total of about 38 million people. But you refuse to count the total number of human innocent embryos and fetuses you are murdering and in favor of murdering. Hitler has ceased killing and many whom he killed were true criminals. But your number far exceeds Hitler's and continues to increase. Furthermore, not one of the unborn babies you murder and in favor of murdering are criminals - all are innocent. And you are trying to spread this type murder to the rest of the world. You hypocrites! Your atheism is worthless. You deserve the same death as you are giving innocent unborn babies!

Tell me! Which one of you are not full of deception? You call good evil and evil good. You see justice and righteousness as "hate" and injustice and unrighteousness as "love". You deceive yourselves, you children, your colleagues, children in school, colleges, universities and the public. You write deceptive books, give deceptive so-called "expert" speculations and make deceptive laws. You atheism is worthless. It can't admit to the truth.

Which of you can distinguish the proper roles of males and females? Not one of you! You think a man has the right to be effeminate or gay and a woman masculine and gay. You think the woman is equal to the man. You believe in same sex marriage and believe homosexuals should adopt children. Your atheism is worthless! It makes you worthy of both death and eternal hell!

Which of you has the ability to understand the proper role of government? You say that ignorant, unwise, blind and totally depraved man should rule himself and should not be governed by the all knowing, wise and righteous God. You say there should be separation of church and state. You do not have the ability to appreciate righteous and proper government, because under such government you know you will not have the freedom to enjoy your depravity. You know you would be condemned to death by such government. You foolish criminal atheists, which of you has the capability to realize that you are incapable of ruling yourselves?

Which of you know how to properly raise and teach children what is right? Not one of you? You heathen atheists say children should not be disciplined. You raise children to be disrespectful to their parents - to disobey harm and murder them. You raise children to be violent, worthless and murderous. Your atheism is worthless. It does not have the ability to instill proper values in the youth.

Oh foolish atheists, you are not capable of realizing that you will one day stand before the very God that you reject to give an account unto him. Yes, one day, as all the other atheists who have died have found out in hell.



One basic principle about carrion lovers is that the unclean is clean to them.

While traveling on a certain highway the other day, I saw two DOGS consuming the remains of a well-rotted deer caucus.

Now dogs have a very keen sense of smell. But the stench of well rotted carrion doesn't bother them.

Dogs and all carrion consumers aptly typify atheists and all non believers in God. They are the carrion lovers of the world. The unclean is clean to them. They are not repelled by any of the moral carrion in the world. They are the dogs, buzzards, possums and maggots of the world. They cannot smell the foul stench of pornography, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, abortion or sin of any type, but feel it is their right to practice such.



Johnny is 11. He is being taught the principles of the american constitution and its amendments by his atheistic parents. Recent lessons given him has focused on the first amendment.

The other day, Johnny's school teacher gave him some math problems for homework. When his teacher checked his homework the next day, she was astonished that Johnny gave everyone of the problems incorrect answers.

His teacher therefore called him to her desk and asked him had he forgotten how to solve such problems. But Johnny said to his teacher, "None of my answers are incorrect." His teacher asked him why did he say such, and he said, "Because the answers are the ones I believe them to be, and I have a constitutional right to my opinion. You have the opinion that the answers should be such and such, but I say differently. You cannot say my answers are wrong. I have the right to my opinion and you have the right to yours. If you are dogmatic that my answers should be the same as yours, that makes you self-righteous and a biggot. If you say my answers are wrong, you are judging me. Judge not lest you be judged. I deserve an 'A' like everyone else."

The riddle is this: Who is right, Johnny or his teacher? Is there an atheist who can solve this riddle?



GOOD MORNING CLASS: Today I would like for you to consider the two principles I call: "Abundance" and "Rarity" or "many" and "few" - two very simple principles, aren't they?

But there also are two very powerful and indisputabe lessons that should be discerned from those principles. In order to discern them, you must link the PREVALENCE of atheists and other heathens to the principle of abundance, and the RARITY of true Christians to the principle of rarity. The lessons you should realize here are: if the huge number of atheists and all other heathens were coins or jewels or etc..., and true Christians were another type of the same, all true Christians would be of more value or worth because of their rarity. But atheists and all other heathens would be of no worth because there is such and abundance of them. ATHEISM IS WORTHLESS!

Two simple principles; two simple truths.




GOOD MORNING CLASS: Today we have before us a pair of scales. I 've chosen them to illustrate a simple truth. On one side I will place a single weight of 10 pounds. On the other, I will place three weights - one weighing 2, another weighing 4 and another weighing 4 pounds. Quite obviously the three weights are equivalent to the one.

If you will, try to imagine placing the Almighty God on one side of a pair of scales. Then try to place anything or any one on the other side that equals or exceeds God. You will find that is quite impossible. God has no equivalences nor is there anything that exceeds Him. I challenge you to even try to imagine anything that does.

If the Almighty God was a God of the imagination, it would be possible to imagine something or some one who equals or exceeds Him. But you will find that it is impossible for you to imagine such.

Atheists err terribly if they conclude that such an impossible task is due to the lie that God doesn't truly exist. If it was true that He only exists in the imaginations of people who call themselves Christians, then why is it that atheists find it impossible to imagine anything that equals or exceeds Him. If it was true that God is the product of the imagination of Christians ( I speak as if insane to say such) then Christians have an infinitely higher intellect than atheists since atheists can't imagine the same God, or a god that equals or exceeds Him.

By virtue of the infinite God that atheists think was devised by true Christians, atheists must conclude that true Christians have infinitely higher intellectual power than atheists - that the minds of atheists are infinitely inferior to true Christians, or they must conclude that it is impossible for the Amighty God to be the product of finite creature imagination - that He truly does exist. Which do you conclude oh atheist?




Have you wondered, oh atheist, what makes you feel the way you do about the Almighty God, your Creator? Have you wondered what makes you deny His existence - what makes you fight against Him - what makes you have such a strong negative attitude against Him - what makes you hate Him?

It is because you are thoroughly depraved. Your hatred against the Almighty and righteous God is a manifestation of your total depravity.

You, as well as all mankind, have a sin principle that dwell in the members of your body. The sin principle is an antithetical law to the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Mankind was not originally created with this principle in his body, but received it shortly after he was created. Let me give you the gist on how mankind received this evil principle.

When the Almighty God created the first man Adam, He created him in His Kingdom. What this ultimately means is that theTEN COMMANDMENTS are the Laws Adam was originally created to obey. Since God is Adam's Creator, and the TEN COMMANDMENTS are the Laws of the kingdom of God, God created Adam in righteousness. That is, God created all the faculties of Adam's soul, mind and body to function in perfect harmony to the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Prior to God having created man, satan and a third of the angels which God also created in righteousness defected from God's kingdom in heaven. Hell was also created by God for the fallen angels, and when they defected this is the place they were cast. However God allowed satan and a number of the other demons to leave hell and to establish satan's evil kingdom on earth. The kingdom satan established over the demons is a democracy.

It is likely that satan saw God actually create the first man and heard God command the man not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

When God commanded man not to eat of the forbidden fruit, what God was doing was exercising his authority over mankind because He is man's Creator, and required man in his created state of purity to exercise his responsibility to obey God in thought, word and deed.

But God created Adam in a unique position: He created him as the federal head and representative of the entire human race. The name "Adam" in the fullest sense means "mankind."

Therefore when God commanded the man not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, God was actually speaking to all mankind. When God told the man that he would die if he ate, God was speaking to all mankind. This is why all mankind die and this is the reason no cure for death can be found. It is part of the penalty God has placed on all mankind for having sinned or disobeyed His law in our federal head and representative, the first man Adam.

satan is a spiritual creature who was not created by God with a corporeal body as God created man. Thus in order for satan to communicate with the first man, or with Eve, satan possessed a snake that may have lurked near or on the tree which fruit God forbade man not to eat. Satan, through the snake, deceived Adam's wife, Eve, to eat of the fruit of the tree of which God forbade. His ultimate purpose in deceiving Eve was to get Adam to eat so that Adam - the federal head of all mankind- would disobey the command of God.

So Adam ate of the forbidden fruit. He did so voluntarily knowing that he was disobeying God. But what actually took place when Adam ate was that he disobeyed the commandments of God. And by disobeying God and obeying satan, Adam cast off the law of God and embraced the law of satan. When Adam did this, He was transferred out of the kingdom of God and transfer into the kingdom of satan. Since he was transferred into satan's kingdom, satan's law of sin was established in Adam's body and Adam became a slave to satan. This is what is meant by the fall of man. He fell from the created state of righteousness in which God created him. He fell from the kingdom of God.

Since Adam stood in the unique position as federal head and representative of the entire human race, all mankind fell with Adam. All mankind became slaves of satan. All of Adam's posterity are born into the world as slaves of satan. All of them inherit the law of sin which establishes itself in their corporeal bodies. This law of sin, which rules every unbeliever's soul is antithetical to the TEN COMMANDMENTS, and it is this law of sin which makes atheists as well as all other non believers hate, disobey and deny the existence of God.

The law of sin, which dwell in the members of your body oh atheist makes you a slave of sin and causes you to love all unrighteousness and to hate all of God righteousness. This law of sin is what makes you thoroughly depraved regardless of your status and level of so-called "education." It is what makes the wrath of God abide against you and what puts you on the sure road to God's eternal punishment after you die.



GOOD MORNING CLASS: Today, I make a perpetual, proud and bold boast before all atheists, agnostics and non believers, which I challenge particularly the most educated of them to match. The boast is this: The grace I have received from God Most high, the faith I have in Him and the holy principles of God I seek to exalt and live by have placed me in an infinitely superior and blessed position than any atheist, agnostic and non believer is in.

The Laws I live by are superior to yours in that mine causes me to properly carry out my responsibilities to my Maker and to mankind, yours don't; Mine causes me to glorify my Maker, yours glorify satan; mine causes me to live like humans were originally created to live, yours cause you to live contrary to proper human nature; mine causes me to bring forth fruit unto eternal life, yours to eternal damnation; mine causes me to seek to remove all sin and moral decay from the world, yours seek to remove morality from the world; mine causes me to seek to save the lives of innocent human fetuses and embryos, yours deceptively declare them as nonhumans and put them to death unjustly and prevent you from seeking to save their lives; mine causes me to seek to remove death worthy criminals from the face of the earth, yours causes you to keep death worthy criminals alive; mine causes me to hate all evil and love all righteousness, yours cause you to hate all righteousness and love all evil; mine seek to remove deception and all falsehood from the minds of people, yours work to keep them in deep deception; mine make true Christians a blessing to the world community and all creation, yours make you a curse to the human race and to all creation; mine gives me honor in the eyes of the truly righteous and dishonor among the wicked; yours give you high honor among criminals and the wicked, but dishonor among the righteous; the laws and principles I live by are eternal and shall endure throughout all eternity future, yours are already fading away; because mine never change, they are a sure foundation, yours are so transitory that they change by every wind that blows hard enough; mine make those who embrace them wise, yours make you big fools; the grace I have received from God will put me in good stead with the One who will in the end judge all mankind, but yours cause the wrath of the Almighty Judge to curse and punish you forever.

What more shall I say? I could go on and on. Your worthless atheism and non belief in God have made your lives utterly worthless. You have only two sensible choices. Turn from your atheism and non belief and truly place your faith in God, or _________________________.



Have you ever wondered why you will die - why every person of mankind dies - why the best brains in the world cannot find a cure for death? It is because death is a penalty placed upon every person of mankind by the true God - mankind's Creator and original King - as a result of the first man Adam (who served as the federal head and representative of all mankind before God) having disobeyed God's command or Moral Law (Genesis 2:16-17; Romans 6:23).

Even corporeally innocent human babies die at every stage of human development. These have never had the chance to commit a personal sin, yet, God's death sentence is upon them. The reason is because of their union with the first man Adam, and him having acted as the federal head of all mankind. When Adam sinned, the infants sinned also (Romans 5:12-14).

Atheists make the blasphemous statement that God is the greatest murderer - that He kills masses of people and innocent babies. Such a statement betrays the deep darkness, ignorance and deception which engulfs the minds of the most so-called "educated" atheists in regard to the most important facts of life.

It is astonishing to see that atheists entertain the deepest misconceptions, or deliberately produce the most blasphemous lies about something as serious as death. Their foolish reasonings demonstrate that their education has taught them nothing about the most important facts and principles of life. Which of the most elite secular universities (which are breeding grounds of atheism and non belief in God) has the proper understanding about why humans die? Not one of them. And it is the same in regards to every other fundamental principle of life.

No person of mankind dies as a result of being murdered by God. All die as a result of having become death worthy criminals from having disobeyed God's law in the first man Adam. God carries out the sentence through whatever means He sees fit. There is no special way death worthy criminals must die. Death worthy criminals lose all rights to everything except death.

Another thing that atheists have not understood is that death is threefold among mankind. The three forms of death are SPIRITUAL DEATH, wherein a human's soul is alienated from God (1 Timothy 5:6; Ephesian 2:1,5),PHYSICAL DISSOLUTION, wherein the body dies and THE SECOND DEATH, wherein all the souls of non believers are cast into the lake of fire to be punished by God throughout all eternity future (Revelation 2:11; 20:6,14).

All forms of death among mankind are the wages of mankind having sinned in the first man Adam. When God told Adam (mankind) that he would die if he ate of the fruit of the tree of which He forbade him to eat, it was these three types of death God had in mind.

All atheists and all other non believers in God are presently experiencing the first form of death. Their souls are alienated from God. Part of the fruit of this death is seen in their hatred and denial of God. At some point, every atheist will experience the second form of death. But it is my desire that God will grant them grace BEFORE they experience the second form. If they should experience physical dissolution while still denying God, alas, their souls will be cast in hell and in the lake of fire to suffer the wrath of their Almighty Creator for all eternity future.



GOOD MORNING CLASS: You will hear the deceptive claims from atheists that they cannot accept anything as being true except on the basis of conclusive evidence and facts. However, evidence and proof of certain truths are not what atheism is truly about. Its about deliberately discounting certain evidence in the face of overwhelming evidence in regard to certain issues.

For example: atheists conveniently discount the overwhelming proof that human embryos and fetuses are really human. But the reasons they do so are not because there is no real proof or evidence of their humanity. The overwhelming proof is there. They are human because they proceed from humans and because they receive souls and are alive at the earliest of conception.

Forensic science would not declassify human bones of aborted human embryos and fetuses as being non human bones found somewhere in an archaelogical dig. The bones would be recognized as human or animal. The very recognition of the bones as being human bones establishes the fact that the aborted embryos and fetuses are human. The bones cannot be human bones while the embryos and fetuses in their live state in wombs are non human.

The reason atheists classify them as non human is it makes it convenient to murder them when atheists conceive as a result of incest, adultery, mistake, when the child is thought to be an economic liability or when atheists can make wealth murdering them. Its a convenient way of trying to rid themselves of terrible crimes they would have to live with for many years. For a mother to stare her child in the face the rest of her life which she conceived by her son, father, uncle or grandfather is inconceivable to the guilty conscience of the mother and the one she committed incest with. Thus the foolish positions atheists and non believers take are often as a result of the terrible crimes they commit in secret. Democracy makes people do that.

In order to make it deceptively easy to murder human embryos and fetuses, atheists who are regarded as experts in science and medicine have been used by special interest groups to present the deceptive claim that human embryos and fetuses are not human so that laws in favor of murdering them can be made and maintained. As long as the embryos and fetuses are rightly regarded as being human at the earliest of conception, the constitution and the UN Declaration of so-called human rights would not allow their murder. Therefore they must be legally declared non humans to allow such.

If atheists sincerely don't understand that human embryos and fetuses are human, then they have to be exceedingly dumb. Atheism demonstrates the power of satan to deceive and the high propensity of human depraved nature to fall to such deception in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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