Consider some great and awesome facts about the one and only true God: He's omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. He loves and He hates. He's Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He's Creator of the heavens and the earth and all therein, and is therefore possessor of all creation.

All these facts are overwhelming. To stare at any one of them is greater than looking at the sun as it shines in its full strength.

His omnipresence is seen in that there is no place anyone can go where He isn't there. His omniscience is seen in that He knows all things - there is nothing in existence or happening that He isn't aware of. He has full knowledge of the greatest as well as the smallest. His omnipotence is seen in that He created all things and sustains all things at one and the same time.

His love is demonstrated in that He has decreed certain angels to remain in their created state of purity and certain members of the human race (His Elect) to be saved from their fall and to spend eternity in heaven.

His hatred is seen in His wrath against sin: He has placed the death penalty in all its forms upon every member of the human race for having disobeyed His law in the first man Adam. He has made all corporeal governments responsible to punish or put to death criminals who disobey His Law. He has decreed that the fallen angels and the nonelect of mankind should spend eternity in the lake of fire being punished by Him for their disobedience.

His Kingship is seen in the fact that He is rightful king of all and He has legislated every action angels, demons and humans can perform. None of His creatures' lives can be sustained apart from keeping His moral and natural laws. It is seen in that He has decreed everything to take place which takes place in this scene of time and that nothing takes place except what He has decreed.

These and a host of other facts are easily seen because they are overwhelming. Any intelligent mind cannot help but to note, acknowledge and be awed by them.

But atheists and other non believers claim they do not see such. Therefore it is right to conclude that since those facts are overwhelming and if it is true that atheists cannot see them, then the conclusion is that they are either terribly spiritually blind or they have deliberately shut their eyes and closed their minds to such facts.

But there's a funny thing about the blind or those who close their eyes to keep from seeing the sun: even though they cannot see it, yet when it shines in its full strength, the heat it radiates can nevertheless be felt. So it is indeed true that atheism is rightly defined as a denial of God in the midst of knowledge of His existence.



One of the things I love to do is stress the superiority of TRUE CHRISTIANITY over atheism, agnosticism, non belief in God and over every other manmade or demonic religion or philosophy.

For example: Consider any of the founders, fathers, giants or leaders of atheism of old to the present. None of their writings are worth reading. Nothing they say is worth listening to. They are not worthy role models. None of them have any true honor, nobility or righteousness about themselves.

But consider true Christianity: It has such noble patriarchs as Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - such righteous men as Joseph, Moses, Gideon, Barak, Sampson, Jephthah, David, Solomon, Daniel, the Prophets, the 12 Apostles (excluding judas and including Paul) and many others - men, women and children of whom the world was and is not worthy.

The Almighty God actually spoke to some of these noble men, but He has never done so in a favorable way to an atheist, or any other heathen. These men and others also gained God's approval and was made righteous in His sight. But where is the atheist and non believer who remained as such who is pleasing to their Maker? Not one!

Consider also the great and righteous works these men and others performed. There's nothing an atheist has and can perform that can match.

Atheism, agnosticism, and any other heathen belief has nothing worthwhile to offer to itself or the world. You degrade yourself to the lowest level when you embrace anything atheism has to offer.



GOOD MORNING CLASS: Today I'm going to present to you some facts you have never heard, but which no one can dispute the principles thereof.

One astonishing fact about atheism is that whatever negative sentiments and statements it makes against Christianity are always true about itself instead.

There are several atheists who have tried to have me censured on the false accusation that I advocate antiSemitism. The truth is, atheists are the ones who advocate antiSemitism. But they are so blind they don't realize it.

For example: It is the atheists who deny the truth or veracity of the Bible. They say it is full of contradictions and none of it should be believed. That false claim turns out to be antiSemitism to the core, because the history of the Jews of old is corroborated in the Bible. To deny the truthfulness of the Bible is to deny the history of the Jews.

Atheists deny the existence of God, but the history of the Jews prove that no person or group of people established the nation of Israel of old. It was established by the Almighty God and Him alone. To deny the existence of God is to deny the makings of the nation of Israel of old.

The ethnicity of the Jews is living visible proof of the truthfulness of the Bible. To say that the Bible isn't true is equivalent to denying the historical veracity of the holocaust. It is like joining the most radical Palestinian in saying Israel's existence should not be recognized because the Bible isn't true and shouldn't be believed.

Since atheism is hostile to God and rejects His existence and the veracity of the Bible upon which the history of the Jews of old is corroborated, atheism is hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as an ethnic group and as a people who once were in covenant relationship with God.

The astonishing thing about these facts is that there have been and are people who call themselves "jews" who also are atheists. Sheesh!



I received an email from an atheist the other day. In it he stated: "As an atheist, I do not believe in the existence of evil..." That is a most sad statement!

It's one of the core points which make me gag from the existence of atheism. It's one thing that makes atheism so dangerous for mankind and a terrible plague on earth that should be hated by all societies with the deepest of hatred. It should be recognized by all governments as a plague which has no right to existence.

This fellow said he does not believe in the existence of evil. Consider the inevitable consequences of such a terrible belief. He who does not believe in the existence of evil sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil. Such a person does not have God's righteous restraint and indignation upon himself and will therefore do and tolerate anything.

This terribly heathen principle is what make atheists heartless pedophiles, homosexuals and make them perform bestiality. An atheist will do anything wrong and laugh and boast about it. An atheist has no sense of guilt. His conscience is callous (Ephesians 4:17-19). That's why it is easy for the atheist to make heartless laws that murder innocent human embryos and fetuses.

If you are an atheist, you are a dangerous person to society. If you do not believe in the existence of evil, what is there to stop you from raping your mother or sodomizing your grandfather while he lay on his death bed? Or what is there to stop you from raping your 7 day old daughter? Your non belief in the existence of an established evil puts you on the same level with such a person as was Jeffery Dalhmer. He had the same belief. So he murdered people, cut up their bodies, ate and performed sex with the corpses and body parts and pleaded not guilty in court. This is why God condemns atheists as truly death worthy criminals who have no God-given right to live on the earth.




"...you cant for certain say god exists, just as I cannot prove he doesn't. Until one of us can, you must accept that other people have different ideas to yours, and that either one of use could be right or wrong."


This is a very terrible mistake you have inbedded in you mind. I and everyone else including yourself can say for certain that God exists. Every house has its builder. Every invention has its designer. You cannot have any one of these without their authors. No house or invention brought itself into being.

It is the same with the heavens and the earth. Their existence is positive proof of the existence of God their Creator. The earth and the heavens and all therein and here on exist because God exists. Creation could not have brought itself into existence out of its non existence. Even common correct logic says there had to be a Creator. Your own existence is positive proof of the existence of God because He is the fountain and sustainer of all life.

You are right when you say that you cannot prove the non existent of God, because no such proof exists since He does indeed exist.

I know for certain that God does indeed exist and I do not seek to suppress that fact. And since I know for certain that He does, this is what makes me intolerant of other beliefs to the contrary. Don't you understand a fundamental principle about truth? It is always intolerant to anything to the contrary. It is error that is tolerant of other beliefs because error is only opinion itself which has no sure and lasting foundation and it doesn't really know what it is talking about. But truth is always intolerant of anything to the contrary since it is truth.

Now you understand why all true Christians are intolerant of all other beliefs. It is because they are right and they know it.

But note: I said all true Christians are right, not religious hypocrites.



Hi, I am a 13 year old atheist. The reason I am an atheist is because I'm being taught to be one by my atheistic parents, public school and the atheistic american constitution.

I am also being encouraged to be an atheist by my atheistic friends, atheistic sites on the internet, the stuff on TV, the movie industry, the music industry, the books I read, college groups and political special interest groups. All these teach me against all religions, particularly against the Christian religion.

Adult atheists will not admit it, but this is why I am such a diabolical kid. Atheism, which is really true satanism, prompts me to cause trouble. I cause a lot of trouble for my parents, and they are afraid of me. I deliberately make school hell. I like taunting and beating up on weak kids and Christian kids. I like giving the teachers and principal a hard time. They also are afraid of me. I like to make a name for myself among my friends so I do things deliberately to get in trouble with the law. I dare even law enforcement to apprehend me. Hey, atheists have fixed the laws of american in such a way that I am not afraid to do anything wrong. I can do anything and nothing will happen to me.

I can commit a crime right now, and I will be protected by the law. My name will not be released to the media. It doesn't matter how heinous the crime I commit, nothing will happen to me. Atheists will come to my aide. I can murder and get away with it. Or I can choose a particular state in which to murder as many people as I want and get away with it. When I go to court I laugh at the court proceedings, the judge, the jurors and the victims' relatives and friends because nothing is going to happen to me. Don't you know who coined the words "No Fear"? It was an atheist! I'm not afraid because atheists have fixed it where I am safe from proper punishment.

Haven't you heard the words "cruel and unusual punishment" in the American constitution? He, he, he. I can be as cruel to others as I want, but the criminal justice system is afraid to match the degree of my cruelty in punishing me lest it be called cruel itself. He, he, he! So I'm not afraid.

And haven't you heard about the deep-pocketed atheistic anti death penalty special interest groups or the pope and etc... who will come to my aide. Even if I am given a measly life sentence, he, he, that means nothing. A gullible pardon and parole board will let me out of prison in 5 years to commit even more heinous crimes. And even while I'm in prison, I can murder, rape and move drugs while sleeping the whole time on a bed of roses with prison guards as my servants. The constitution and the laws atheists have made in pursuance to it will be with me protecting me.

Let me tell you man, this is why I am an atheist. Atheism is insurance when you do wrong. I admit that atheism is criminal, but it is also cool man!

He, he, he, he, he!


Note from Robert T. Lee:

Alas, this is a most sad example of what atheism and non belief in God is doing to america's youth. Any kid that has the same or similar attitude of the one described by this 13 year old ought to be put to death immediately by the government.



Numerous atheists have invited or challenged me to debate with them about the existence of God. I always turn down such invitations. Such a debate is like them denying their own existence and me debating with them about their true existence. It is a waste of time trying to convince someone that they exist while they deliberately deny it. The debater becomes a greater fool than the denier. Atheists (fools) have said that there is no God (Psalms 14:1). But true Christians should never answer fools according to their folly (Proverbs 26:4-5).

Evidence of God's existence is so overwhelming that it far, far exceeds any of the evidence any true Christian can present in a debate. Since the greater evidence is denied, there's no convincing by the lesser.

What is this overwhelming evidence? God has supplied all mankind with atleast two great witnesses of His existence. It is the existence of the vast HEAVENS and all therein and the EARTH and all hereon. These two contain more evidence than can ever be fully known and understood by man. Nothing that exists could have brought itself into being out of its none existence. The Almighty God had to therefore create it (Psalms 102:25; Genesis 1:1).

Also, no part of God's creation can sustain itself apart from God sustaining it. God is the fountain and sustainer of all things (Colossians 1:16; 1 Corinthians 8:6; 11:12). So just the mere existence of the heavens and the earth is overwhelming proof of God's existence.

But atheists discount this overwhelming proof while asking for proof. Since they deny the overwhelming evidence, much of which they can monitor through their senses and through technological innovations - their own existence included, no debate that presents the proof will convince them. Therefore it is utterly worthless for true Christians to debate with atheists about the existence of God.

Since atheists rejects the overwhelming evidence, we see proof that atheism is a deliberate rejection of the evidence and His existence. This clearly proves that atheism is not about proof and evidence, but is about rejecting the fundamental principles of life. Atheism's chief purpose of existence is to deny the existence of God in the midst of overwhelming proof. No atheist will admit these facts. But again, this is the nature of satanic atheism: to refuse to admit the truth.



GOOD MORNING CLASS: At this moment, I would like to have you to visit alt.atheism. As you know, each time I have had you visit this news group, it was for the purpose of conducting an experiment to prove a point about atheism. In every case, the truth and point I wanted to make were proved overwhelmingly by the responses everyone of the atheists gave.

One experiment was designed to prove that atheism is not about proof but is about rejecting certain fundamental truths. I asked the atheists who believe in abortion to *prove* that human embryos and fetuses aren't human. Over the course of a weeks time, you observed some of the most ridiculous and insane responses. Not even the most so-called "educated" respondents provided the least proof.

Another experiment was designed to prove that the most educated atheists aren't really intelligent. In order to prove that truth, I asked only the most educated atheists to respond to my post. All I simply asked the atheists to do was to prove that there is nothing that is eternal. However, the responses you observed were the most unintellectual you have ever read. They ranged from cursing, name calling, cynicism, mockery, the posting of pictures to ridicule and etc. There was not one intelligent response from any of the respondents.

Now if you will, look at alt. atheism at this moment. Note the many unintelligent subjects in the headers of each post. Try also reading the content of the various posts. All of them manifest the deepest of unintelligence. Most are pure senselessness and vanity. All basically manifest a hatred for God and true Christianity and etc. If God's existence is no more than the tooth fairy's or santa clause's, why do atheists put so much time, effort and money into trying to disprove God's existence? None of them are doing the same for the tooth fairy.

The web sites that atheists have placed on the internet also manifest the unintelligence of atheism. Note all the unintelligent names of the sites. Note also the unintelligent content of those sites.

When anyone note the content of atheistic news groups, atheistic web sites and all other atheistic material on the web and in the world, no person in his/her right mind can conclude that atheists are truly intelligent people. The only way anyone can conclude that atheists are intelligent people is to use the twisted and unintelligent logic of atheism.




"You were an atheist and I was Marilyn Monroe. HA!"

Robert T. Lee's response:

I know better than you of my former sad spiritual state. Your doubt demonstrates a sad phenomenon: atheists are unable to beleive anything true Christians say. It is indeed true that I was once just as blind as you are now. But now I see.

Your inability to believe I was once an atheist demonstrates the utter hoplessness of atheism. While blinded by atheism, atheists see it *IMPOSSIBLE* to turn from atheism to God. It is unthinkable to them. They cannot imagine such happening. It is a greater impossibility than imagining themselves creating the world. It is unthinkable. So a person who is an atheist demonstrates the utter inability of atheism to turn to God (John 6:44, 65).

They are therefore doomed apart from God taking it upon Himself to save them. If God does not choose to extend His marvelous grace to you to save you from your utter depravity, you are indeed doomed!



GOOD MORNING CLASS: Today I issue a bold challenge to all atheists - a challenge that not even the most educated and meticulous thinkers of them will be able to satisfactorily answer in any way. The only thing they will be able to do in effort to effectually rebutt this challenge is to babble unintelligently.

The challenge has to do with the issue of human death. The sentence of death (which comes from God as a result of mankind having committed high treason against God's kingdom in the first man Adam) is one that every person of mankind cannot escape as long as mankind exists. (The actual experience of death is one that few humans will escape). Every atheist BELIEVE and even KNOW that every person of mankind, must die. However, even though they believe and know this fact, not one of them can supply SCIENTIFIC PROOF to that effect. Their belief is not based on any type of SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.

This is so because no scientific proof actually exists to that effect. If there was scientific proof, it would also point to a specific time, date and type of death. But despite the fact that their death is inevitable, there is no so-called "scientific proof" to that effect. The only real proof is found only in the unadulterated teachings of Holy Writ - the Bible. Duly noting that death has prevailed over all mankind throughout their history is not proof that all will be overtaken by death in the future. It is only proof that death has prevailed thusfar, (since there will be certain people who will not be overtaken by death in the future).

As examples to prove that there is an absence of scientific proof for the inevitability of death, carefully examine the many cases wherein such evidence should in all rightness be used to aid the most professional of physicians in predicting the time of death of certain ill patients. There are many cases wherein desperately ill patients did not die as physicians predicted. Had the physicians actually made their predictions according to available credible "Scientific Evidence", they would not have erred in their judgments. They made the errors because there was no credible scientific proof to base such judgments. This principle also holds true in cases wherein physicians erroneously predict certain human fetuses will cause the death of their mothers.

Therefore, since atheists believe and know that death is inevitable, but reject the only source which presents the only real evidence of the inevitability of death, how is it that atheists who insists on scientific proof know and believe the inevitability of death in the absolute absence of scientific evidence. I challenge the most "educated" atheists to supply SCIENTIFIC PROOF for their belief and knowledge that death is inevitable.

I chuckle at atheists when I think about the fact that even in the midst of the absence of scientific proof of the inevitability of death, there is no sensible physician who will make the prediction that humans will begin to live forever at some future point in human history. It is is logical to think that since there is no so-called "scientific proof" of the inevitability of human death, and since atheists say they trust nothing but scientific evidence, some of their "experts" would predict that man will one day conquer death. But no sensible atheist will predict such with any seriousness, because he or she knows that as long as mankind exists, their death is inevitable, even in the midst of the absence of scientific proof to that effect.

This proves that you don't always have to have "scientific proof" to know the reality of an entity's existence.



Atheists send me email all the time stating that it is just plain common sense to obey commandments such as "You shall not steal", "You shall not murder" etc. They say they don't need the Bible to tell them to do those things. I agree wholeheartedly with that fact. The reason I do is because I know that God is the one who wrote such Laws in the hearts of all mankind when God first created man. Atheists prove He did so by their realization of the universality of God's Laws over all mankind. They confess to this universality when they say that early cultures or nations had the TEN COMMANDMENTS before the nation of Israel of old was formed (Romans 2:14-16). The reason they had such Laws is because God is the one who placed them in their hearts and made them evidently commonsensically the only righteous laws for every culture to obey (Romans 1:19).

But atheists fail to perceive that they condemn themselves and prove they deny the existence of God when they make such truthful observations. How do they condemn themselves? They say it is only common sense to obey the TEN COMMANDMENTS. When they say that, they imply it is right to obey them. Since it is commonsensical and thus right, that implies that it is foolish to disobey them. Many atheists admit they live moral lives. Some even make the claim that they live their lives more perfectly moral than Christians. When they do that, they admit that they too have the laws of God written in their hearts and they know that it is right to obey everyone of them.

Okay. Once again: Atheists recognize and admit the truth that it is common sense to obey the TEN COMMANDMENTS, and by their admission that other cultures obeyed them before the nation of Israel was formed prove that those noble Laws are written in the hearts of all mankind. And by saying they themselves live moral lives, they admit those Laws also reside in their own hearts. By such realizations and admissions, atheists prove they actively deny the existence of GOD MOST HIGH. How so?

By their realization that it is only common sense to obey them and all other cultures that existed before the nation of Israel of old was formed had the TEN COMMANDMENTS, they prove the universality of the TEN COMMANDMENTS over all mankind and prove that Moses is not and no other human is their author. The universality of the TEN COMMANDMENTS among all mankind prove that all mankind were originally created under a single kingdom. Since no human, creature or created thing is the author of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, they therefore prove the divine origin of the TEN COMMANDMENTS - that God is their Author and HE is the One who actually placed them in the hearts of all mankind when He first created man in His Kingdom.

But there are TEN COMMANDMENTS. The first four pertain to the worship of God. When God wrote His Laws in the heart of all mankind, He placed all of His Laws there. He did not make a partial placement. It is therefore just as much common sense to admit the true existence of God as it is to refuse to murder; just as sane to honor and worship God as it is to honor your father and mother; just as moral to obey God as it is to keep from lying or falsely accusing your fellow man. And it is just as right to love God as you should rightly love yourself and your fellow man.

In fact, he who violates one COMMANDMENT is guilty of violating them all (James 2:10-11). That being so proves that the TEN COMMANDMENTS are a unit of laws which cannot be separated from one another as they pertain to mankind's divinely endowed obligation to perfectly obey them. The first four (which require all mankind to worship God) cannot be separated from the latter six ( which require all mankind to the love our worthy fellow man). Every society, nation or kingdom that forms laws to regulate its citizens' conduct towards one another also fashions laws which honors the king. No nation or society does the former at the expense of the latter. All mankind was created in the kingdom of God in the first man Adam. When God placed His laws in the heart of man which made it commonsense and right to love his fellow man, He also placed laws there that made it commonsense, right and his duty to admit God's existence and to honor, worship and obey Him. No king fashions laws for the governing of his kingdom without also making edicts that command that his slaves should also honor him. In fact, even a heathen and unrighteous king will be sure to make it an edict for his slaves to honor him before or even if he fails to make edicts for them to honor one another.

Atheists and all other nonbelievers therefore make it clearly manifest that they are none other than rebels against the Kingdom of the true God - who despise, hate and deny the true existence of their Maker. They deny the existence and authority of their Maker and seek to govern themselves. Such are the foolish actions of those who worship satan as their god and king under his antithetical form of government called "democracy".



Atheism is equivalent to illiteracy or ignorance. But it's not usually understood and viewed as such. That's due to the ironic fact that it's the so-called "educated" people who embrace atheism. But the truth is, atheism is nothing more than deep spiritual darkness and ignorance aesthetically camouflaged by facades labeled as "education", "knowledge", "understanding" and "credentials".

The fact is, atheism is absolute benightedness. One major reason this is so is it doesn't acknowledge the existence of certain cognizable and comprehendable realities. However, it's not just mere nescience, but the ultimate of nescience. This is so because the realities it doesn't acknowledge happen to be the most important facts of life. It also takes a further step of rejecting those facts in the midst of overwhelming proof of their existence. It even goes further by discounting the overwhelming evidence. Atheism takes decided steps to absolutely refuse to acknowledge the existence of and understand the most important facts of life. So the inevitable results are: He or she who rejects the fact of God's existence in the midst of overwhelming evidence cannot gain a true knowledge and understanding about God. Atheists choose to side with spiritual incognizance because they erroneously conclude there is nothing to be known about God.

One fundamental thing that makes atheism the equivalence of high ignorance is that its refusal to acknowledge the existence of God strips it of any genuine stimulus to learn and understand God. Just as atheists say they cannot hate God because they erroneously conclude He doesn't exist, and say they cannot worship satan since they erroneously think he doesn't exist, so too, by virtue of the their erroneous conclusion that God doesn't exist, they also erroneously conclude that there is nothing that can be known and understood about God. To atheists, God is a figment of Christians' imaginations. This high error is part of what prevent atheists from regarding the content of the Holy Bible as a factual. It also accounts for why they reject the light of nature that speak so clearly and loudly of the existence of God. The lie that God doesn't exist prevent them from attaining unto a true knowledge of Him. And where there's the absence of knowledge of God, obviously there's nothing but deep spiritual darkness and ignorance.

Thus atheism is a form of death upon the souls and minds of atheists (as well as upon all other nonbelievers in God). As the dead bodies of humans can make no motions toward God, neither can the people who are enslaved by atheism. It is therefore out of inscience that atheists view God, His Christ, His Spirit, His Word, His people, His creation and His providences. Atheists are the victims of their own error. They can't learn or be taught a single thing about God since in their minds they erroneously conclude He doesn't exist.

Since from the erroneous premise that God doesn't exist atheists must conclude that nothing can be known about God, and since such error must lead to high ignorance about God and the most important facts of life, it is logical and right to conclude that everything atheists think and state about God flows from their ignorance. Since it is in high ignorance they speak, nothing they say about God can be trusted. So everything they say should be considered as coming from the minds of those who know not what they speak. Atheists are therefore highly unqualified to say or teach anything about God. Who but a fool would confidently challenge anyone to a debate about that which they know nothing about? Such a challenge itself proves overwhelming ignorance and blindness. It's no wonder they say God doesn't exist because it's out of ignorance they have come to that conclusion. It's no wonder they misinterpret God, His attributes, His Christ, His Word, His People and His Providences, because it's out of ignorance they view such. Knowledge doesn't think, speak or act in the ways of atheists.



The various differences between atheists are unimportant. They are all haters of the true God. That is what makes them essentially the same and totally depraved dispite their differences. Some maggots receive their existence in the foulest of excrement, while others in the most sanitary conditions. So what? They are all *maggots*. The mixed-up sentiment that atheists have in regard to them thinking they live moral lives even more so than the people they call "Christians" is totally nullified by their rejection of the true God. What good does it do for a cup to be clean on the outside when it is full of uncleaness inside? There are people who have drank poison from sanitary golden cups. Atheists and any nonbeliever in the true God, who boast of living moral lives, are like planned and well kept graves which on the outside appear pleasing to the eye but which is full of foul rottenness and dead peoples' bones. Away with such deceived and empty boasts of cleaness!



Atheists deny both the existence of God and satan. I get a huge number of emails from them to that effect. Below is my response to an email in regards to this subject.

From: AtheistUK@aol.com

"The best way to understand the nature of atheism is to understand its author. satan is its author"

I read your site (EXPOSING THE ATHEIST 1) with interest, but, oh my, what a load of rubbish. :o) I think the above quote pretty much sums up the general theme you try to invoke, though, as an atheist of course, I hold no belief in any god (or any devil). What I really wanted to ask you then is; why is it that you feel people who don't believe in God are therefor in league with the devil? All humans are equipped with freewill, and it seems absurd to me that you think we are not able to reject both god and the devil.

With best wishes,



Robert T. Lee's RESPONSE:

Thanks for your email.

It is important to understand that there are certain fundamental principles of creation which underlie the existence of all humans and all human functions. These principles were created by God, are in existence at all times and cannot be annulled by any human. One principle is that humans must either worship God or they must worship satan (Matthew 6:24). I sometimes refer to this principle as the "Either-Or Principle".

Its sort of like using a browser on your PC. If you have the two leading browsers, or any number of browsers, one of them *must* serve as you "default browser". You cannot surf the web using two browsers simultaneously and you cannot do so in the absence of a browser. Even if you could move back and forth from one to the other, one must nevertheless be registered as your default, and the one you choose to be your default will always be your favorite through which you use to surf the web. PCs aren't capable of browsing the internet in the absence of a browser and without a browser registered as their default.

The principle is somewhat the same for humans to both exist and function. No human can exist and function under any capacity apart from God or satan being his or her "default master" so to speak. Its through the fundamental laws or principles of the kingdom of the one or the other that every individual person of mankind exists and functions. It can't be otherwise for any human.

Originally, all mankind were created in the Kingdom of God with God as their Master; but when they fell from their created state of righteousness, their new "default master" became satan. This is the terrible cursed state of all atheists and all other graceless people. All mankind are born into this world with satan as their default. No human nor anything else in all of creation is able to change or release any human from this evil default master. It can only be accomplished by God through the salvation He gives to the people who are His Elect. When He gives His salvation to any one of them, He irrevocably becomes that person's "default Master".

However, atheists and other nonbelievers in God erroneously think there is an absence of such a principle and that they exist and function in life independent from that principle. Their denial of such a principle is like one who says he can surf the web apart from a browser. The high ignorance of atheism causes atheists to think they can exist and function in life without a fundamental master. It simply isn't true. They can deny the existence of God and satan all they want, but their denial cannot nullify the reality of the existence of this most crucial principle.

"Freedom" as verbalized and deceptively given to people through manmade or demonic charters, laws or philosophies of any type can never nullify or free humans from the fundamental spiritual principles created by God which underlie the existence of humans and their functions, no more than man-made laws and denials can truly free humans from their humanity.

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