Where did you get the idea atheists hate God? How can you say something doesn't even exist, and hate it at the same time?


That question is another example of the deception of atheism and how it deceives all its subjects. All atheists think in this deceptive manner. They think since they deny the existence of God, they cannot hate Him. But its really the other way around: they know He exists, that's why they hate Him. It is true that you cannot truly hate someone who does not exist. However atheists rationalize that the only existence of God is the "false god" professing Christians have devised and that's what they deny exists. It is true that false or nominal professing christians can devise false gods of their imagination. However, the one and only true God nevertheless exists apart from any god of the imagination. It is this true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth - the God that is not a god of the imagination - whose existence atheists also deny, and it is this true God that they as well as all unregenerate mankind HATE.



Have you ever noticed this fact: Atheists claim they do not believe in the existence of God MOST HIGH, their CREATOR. They also claim they do not believe in the existence of the chief of the fallen angels, namely, satan. However, 100% of their negative comment and fight is directed towards God. They never have a negative comment, nor do they wage war against their true master. So we challenge atheists to assess the true ramifications of these awful facts. Why are they compelled to spend so much effort denying the existence of God and fighting against Him as opposed to zero percent directed towards satan.

The answer should be quite apparent to all: It is because atheists are committing terrible, terrible crimes in the sight of God. They are doing the devil's will. In other words, they are breaking God moral laws and are great sinners before God. If the Law of God was properly established throughout the american society and the world community, all atheists would be condemned - many to death because of their death worthy crimes and because true justice would then rule. So they must do all they can to save their necks. Even the most "educated" of them are high criminals who are compelled to always look over their shoulders at pursuing righteous justice.

America and the world community are in the terrible state they are in mainly because of atheists. The reasons should be apparent here also. It is because atheists who are high criminals before God govern america and the world. The ramifications of this fact are: when there is a society and world full of criminals, in order for them to feel safe in the world while they continue in their criminality, they must make the society and the world criminal. In other words, they must corrupt and obstruct the proper moral workings of government. In america, this means they must establish deep-pocketed heathen special interests groups to propose pagan legislation against God's morality, truth and righteousness. This means the removal of laws of justice and righteousness and the establishing of unrighteous laws and injustice to suite their evil philosophies, lifestyles and in order to save their necks.

Atheists hate God because they cannot survive happily and peacefully in a righteous society. The reason that is so is because they are servants of satan and thus high criminals in the sight of God.



A fundamental principle of God's creation is: The total amount of matter and energy in God's creation always remains the same. Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed by any of God's creatures or by any part of His creation.

The principle we cited in the above paragraph is known and embraced by atheistic science. It is fundamental to what scientists know about chemical reactions. Man has tried to create and destroy matter, but he is only able to effect chemical changes or reactions. After effecting the chemical reactions the atoms God created are preserved. This preservation of the atoms has been labeled as the "Conservation of Mass Law." Since the atoms are preserved during and after the chemical reactions, the products of the reactions are none other than chemical equations.

My point in making mention of these facts is to show that atheistic scientists and the so-called "learned upper class" understand the "Conservation of Mass Law." But they refuse to perceive its obvious ramifications about the existence Of God. For example:

1. Matter cannot be created by any thing, any creature nor by any rational creature. That fact eliminates every part of God creation as having the ability to create matter. Principle #1: No part of God's creation can create.

2. After eliminating every part of God's creation, including the most powerful and intelligent creatures as being unable to create, we may ask if matter can bring itself into being from its own nonexistence. But by asking that question, we find that we are asking a very insane question, because that which does not exist cannot create since there is nothing in existence to bring anything into existence. A fundamental principle of creation that atheists have never learned is that in order for matter to be brought into being, its creator must already be in existence. An existence of some type must already be in existence in order to give existence to a thing which has no existence. Principle #2: When there's nothing in existence, nothing can be brought into existence. Why is it necessary for a layman to explain this fact to scientists?

3. Therefore it is right to conclude that God existed before any other thing existed, and He therefore created all matter and everything else that exists. (Proverbs 3:19-20). Those who foolishly deny that fact can but foolishly attribute matter's existence to that which they clearly know could not have created it. But that is exactly what atheists do. Therefore it is clear to see that atheism is a deliberate denial of the existence of God - a refusal to admit His existence even in the midst of overwhelming proof of His existence.

As we stated earlier, matter also cannot be destroyed by any part of God's creation. So how could matter, which DID NOT exist at some point, give itself existence, and in addition, an indestructible existence, while that which DOES exist (God's creation) cannot give existence to matter and cannot destroy it? This is giving that which had no existence power to create itself while in its nonexistent state , while that which DOES exist and does have power does not have the power to create matter and does not have the power to destroy it. Thus we clearly perceive how utterly ludicrous is atheism in its denial of God.

Principle #3: God is the One who created matter (Genesis 1:1), and He's the only One who can destroy it (2 Peter 3:10-11).


Guess Who The Computer Hackers Are

Guess who the malicious computer hackers or crackers are who break into government and two out of three company computers - who produce computer viruses and Trojans, denial of service attacks against Internet Service Providers and who send hate mail, spam and E-mail bombs. You got it! Its mostly atheists.

Malicious atheist hackers costs the america's citizens billions of dollars in taxes for computer security. It is said that american companies spent almost $6.3 billion on computer security in 1997 and the market is expected to grow to 13 billion by 2000. In September 1998, atheistic hackers struck their own atheistic ally, the New York Times.

Who do atheists have to protect their own computers from? Guess who! When it comes to computer crimes, its never difficult to identify the people who commit them. ATHEISTS and other non believers!



At least one principle must be understood and kept in mind when trying to understand certain of God's incomprehensible attributes: the finite is always confounded by its inability to fully comprehend the infinite.

God is the infinite God. Nothing or no one created Him and He has no father or mother. He is without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life. He is the almighty God, and since He is so, there can be no one greater than Him. No one brought Him into existence.

It is impossible for finite minds to understand how God can exist without having a beginning. When atheists and other non believers try to consider God, they try to make the facts about Him fit within their limited capacity to comprehend and understand. They do not want to believe that there is more of God than their minds can contain and comprehend. The endeavor to fully understand God is like trying to place the infinite One into a finite space; that is impossible.

In order to try to make sense of the infinite things about God, they relate God to things they think they understand, and so, they tend to view God according to finite things or as if He were a man or some creature. But since the nature of finitness doesn't fit infinite attributes, or since that which fit creatures doesn't fit the Creator, they mistakenly take what applies to creatures and their inability to comprehend God as proof that He doesn't exist.

In no other area do heathens do this except with God. They are willing to believe there are aliens in the universe somewhere without proof. But with as much proof as humans can comprehend about God, which is quite overwhelming, they nevertheless deny the reality of God's existence.

The fact that finite minds cannot fully comprehend how God exists without having a beginning does not nullify His existence. The reality of the existence of God is not contingent upon our understanding of it. When finite minds find themselves puzzled, confused or confounded about any part of God's existence that's beyond their ability to comprehend, that is proof of God's surpassing greatness. Therefore the inability and the confusion are only normal effects of the finite trying to comprehend He who is eternally greater. Finite minds would have to be infinite to fully understand God. Or to say it better: we would have to be God ourselves in order to fully understand Him. But no one has the capacity to fully understand God but God alone.

Let it also be pointed out that the infinity of God proves His existence and that He is not a god created by the imagination of creatures. Since the minds of creatures are finite, they are only capable of devising a god of the imagination that fit within the confines of their finite imagination. The finite mind cannot create a god of the imagination that's beyond its own capacity to comprehend. It would not create a god it is confused, puzzled and confounded about. Since God is beyond the ability of finite minds to comprehend, He cannot be the product of finite minds.



Why would I, who once was an hard core atheist, turn from atheism to CHRISTIANITY - the very thing I once hated with a passion? Well let me tell you why: Although 99.9% of people who profess to be Christians are none other than nominal professors and are therefore none other than hypocrites, somehow I am able to see beyond that fact. I can see that God is nevertheless real, Christ is real, His Holy Spirit is real, His word is indeed true, there are some, but very, very few genuine, non hypocritical Christians, and our responsibility to God is REAL. If you are an atheist, please do not make the terrible mistake of using false "christians" as an excuse to refuse to carry out your responsibilities to God.



GOOD MORNING CLASS: Today I would like to direct your attention to a principle we have labeled: "PROVING THE EXISTENCE OF GOD BY TRYING TO DISPROVE IT.

In everything atheists do in their denial of GOD, they nevertheless prove His existence. For example: Pick up your dictionaries and look up the meaning of the word "infidelity." We all know what this word means when we apply it to marriage. It means to be disloyal in heart and deed by turning from your legally married partner to commit the death worthy act of adultery with another.

The concept of "infidelity" always presupposes the EXISTENCE of a spouse the unfaithful one has legal marital obligations to. There can be no such thing as "infidelity" when the spouse doesn't exist. Therefore the unfaithful one proves the existence of his spouse simply by his infidelity to his marital obligations.

In relation to the above facts, it should be clear how atheists prove the existence of God. Many of them label themselves as "INFIDELS." But their blindness prevent them from realizing how appropriate a label they have given themselves and how it really effectively establishes what they have set out to disprove.

To be an "infidel" proves the existence of God. The word has no real meaning if God doesn't exist. The absence of God destroys the concept of being an infidel. The word should not be rationalized to be a misnomer. The only reason the concept exists is because God exists. Just as a man hates his spouse and turns his affections to another woman and commits the act of adultery with her, so atheists turn from their rightful Creator and turn their affections to satan, the world and their flesh. And just as the unfaithful husband denies to his adulteress that he is married and swares he does not have a wife, so too, atheists in their infidelity to God deny His existence and their ever binding legal responsibilities to Him.

All mankind originally became infidels in the first man Adam when they fell from their created state of purity in which God originally created them. Once they are born into the world, they continue the process of infidelity throughout their own lives unless they are fortunate to come to their senses and turn back to God - their first love.

The principle and concept of the word infidel is found throughout the Holy Bible. The word can also be found in 2 Corinthians 6:15 and 1 Timothy 5:8. Please take the time to check out the Greek word and how the Holy Spirit employs its meaning.




Sometimes it is appropriate to refer to atheists as "descendants of the apes." I'm sure all of them are highly honored by that title since they are the ones who claim that apes are their noble ancestors.

This explains why atheists have devised the animalistic and heathenistic philosophy of atheism. It is because that is the best philosophy the ape's descendants can come up with. That is as high as they can rise in their thinking. There has never been an ape during the history of apes that achieved the ability to perceive the existence of God and to worship Him. And so, it is not surprising that descendants of the apes are void of that ability as well.

This also explains the awful heathen and abominable fruit descendants of apes produce in the society - why they are so lawless. It must have been a terrible group of apes they descended from, because when you observe apes that exist today, all of them do exactly what apes are suppose to do. But atheists cannot do anything right. Apes today are more civilized than atheists.

True Christians have a far more noble fountain from whence they descended. We were originally created by the Almighty God - created in His image. We did not have to evolve to a higher state, but from the beginning, were created by God as perfect as humans can be. Even though we fell from our created state of perfection in the first man Adam, our Maker brings us back by His uplifting grace. But atheists, as descendants of the apes, have never and will never reached the level of perfection in which God originally created all mankind.

If atheists were human, and weren't descendants of the apes, they might be able to perceive the beauty of the existence of God, and might have a chance at receiving God's grace. But alas, animals don't have that ability and God has no intention on saving animals.



I'm sure you've noticed how the atheistic american constitution and its heathen amendments cause atheists and all other patriots to think and function in the society in ways that are contrary to common sense, even among those who attend universities and are so-called "educated".

For example: After reviewing this web site, an atheist who attends an "educational" institution wrote me the following email: "what utter idiocy christianity seems to perpetuate!! you, sir, are the criminal here, but i, in the glorious tradition of my nation will 'not agree with your words, but fight to the death to allow you to speak them. ben franklin.' "

Lets examine his words to reveal how they are contrary to common sense: He said, "what utter idiocy christianity seems to perpetuate!!..." Note that this so-called educated person thinks Christianity perpetuates idiocy. How is it possible that the educated think righteousness, truth and salvation are idiocy? Actually it takes an idiot to sincerely think such. I will admit that there is much idiocy perpetuated in the name of Christianity. But true Christianity does not do so. True Christianity perpetuates truth, righteousness, love for mankind's Creator, love for our worthy fellow man and the salvation of the souls of God's elect.

"you, sir, are the criminal here,..." I agree with him on that one. That's why I turned from the criminality of atheism, and turned to true Christianity. I realized my need for salvation from the criminality of atheism.

"but i, in the glorious tradition of my nation will "not agree with your words, but fight to the death to allow you to speak them" ben franklin." This is the part of this email that I wish to point out is the most foolish - the part that causes "educated" atheists to function in the society in ways that are contrary to common sense.

Notice in these words this educated atheist quoted from a heathen named Benjamin Franklin: "I...will "not agree with your words, but fight to the death to allow you to speak them..." Doesn't this atheist understand how foolish such a statement is? Doesn't he realize how utterly contrary to common sense it is? Why would anyone be foolish enough to fight to the DEATH to allow someone the freedom to speak that which is wrong or that in which they disagree? Common sense says that the only thing worth fighting for is that which is right. And the only things we should agree with are God's truth and righteousness.

If any one hold views contrary to God's truths and righteousness, they are not worth defending and fighting for. No one in their right mind fights to defend people's right to speak that which they disagree with. The very disagreement is the beginning of a fight against it. I would never fight for any atheist to have the foolish freedom to speak anything contrary to God. But I will and am fighting against such a freedom simply because such a freedom is wrong.

"...in the glorious tradition of my nation will..." How foolish is the american tradition. Such a tradition certainly isn't worth glorying in.

"...ben franklin..." If these words were a quote from Benjamin Franklin, it should be quite obvious what a big fool Franklin was.

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