>>>>>GREETINGS CLASS>>>>> Today I would like to to demonstrate a classic example of how the so-called "educated" atheist twists the Holy Scriptures in endeavor to deceive. Please type into your computers the URL: http://www.infidels.org/org/ffrf/nontracts/abortion.html found at the web site of the so-called "freedom from religion foundation."

I direct your attention to the subject: "What Does The Bible Say About Abortion? Note carefully that the atheist that wrote that article quoted Exodus 21:22-25 and then gave a deceptive interpretation of the passages in effort to show that the Bible does not teach against abortion. Notice carefully that this person used the word "miscarriage" in the erroneous sense that the baby dies from the struggle and the person who caused the baby's death is not to be put to death, but is only to pay at the husband's discretion.

However, that interpretation is utterly false and insane. To prove that it is false, please note that the word "fruit" in that passage comes from the Hebrew word "yeled" which means "something born or offspring." The word "depart" comes from the Hebrew word "yatsa" which means "to go out." Thus we see that these words have the sense of: "if her fruit departs alive from her." That is : "if she has an untimely live birth." If the struggle causes the baby to be born alive before its time. In such a case, the one who caused the untimely live birth is to be punished as the child's father determines.

But if the baby should be hurt, or if it dies in or out of the womb, or if the mother is hurt or dies before or after its birth as a result of the struggle "...then you shall appoint as a penalty, life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.

Need we say more about how atheists seek to deceive? CLASS DISMISSED



>>>>>GREETINGS CLASS>>>>Today we shall spend time in ward "man is manmade." You will correctly guess by the name of this ward that there is something seriously spiritually awry with the patients in it. You will note that all of the patients appear to be educated, but they have the fatal disease of atheism. They were raised with that awful disease.

Now before we enter this ward, make sure you wear you rubber gloves, aprons, masks and glasses. Now notice the pitiful condition of the eyes of every one of the patients. Notice the awful stench of the green and yellow pus running from their eyes. The awful disease of atheism has done that to them. Do you see the awful condition of that patient over there? His name is PapaSam. Look at that patient besides him, his name is Peter. Oh Look there! Her name is Joette.

Now what I want each of you to do for the rest of the period is adopt a patient, and I want you to work one-on-one with them to observe their awful conditions.

Student #10, why are you crying? "I don't understand TEACHER. What terrible effects atheism has had on the patient I adopted! Should a blind man ask for evidence of the existence of that which he cannot see. What if that which he cannot see cannot be monitored by any faculty except sight and proof cannot be given to him otherwise? Should he conclude that those things do not exist simply because he cannot himself see them? When those things are described to him by people who can see, should he regard their descriptions as fairy tales? Atheism has totally deceived him. Doesn't he understand that a blind man must accept a lot of things by faith simply because he cannot see them and he may not be able to monitor them otherwise?"

Student #10, he will never understand that unless he is cured of atheism. What you have described is one of the awful effects of the disease of atheism. You will not be able to effect a cure yourself. Not even education can effect a cure. Education only compounds the problem as you can see. Only God, the One atheism causes them to reject can effect a cure if He is pleased to do so.




TEACHER:>>>>GREETINGS CLASS>>>>>Today we will enter a boring facet of our study of the diabolical disease of atheism. What I want each of you to do today is to go to atheists you know and specifically challenge them to show any kind of proof that the Almighty God DOES NOT exist. One of the things atheists do is try to challenge true Christians to prove the existence of God. So, your mission is to challenge them to prove the opposite. I want some of you to enter ward "man is man made" and challenge Peter, PapaSam, Marlene, Joette and etc. Then, if they should answer, I want you to pay close attention to their answers. You will note that they (as well as all others) will be unable to intelligently, specifically and truthfully answer your challenge.>>>>>A challenge to the atheist: PROVE THE NON EXISTENCE OF GOD BY WHATEVER MEANS YOU THINK YOU CAN!>>>>>CLASS DISMISSED.



To one who calls himself "Adam."-----You stated,"Why cannot thou summon this so-called god of yours to come forth and smite me? Is your creature merely a coward, or doth he not heedeth thy summonses? Bring forth this wretched scoundrel of which thy speaketh, or hold thy lunatic's tongue in silence, and plagueth mine denizens no more with thy ludicrous drivel. I will kicketh thy lords ass (and I don't speaketh of his mule)!"

You words betray the fact that you are indeed ignorant of the ALMIGHTY GOD. The almighty God is not a genie who can be summoned by measly humans to do their will. God is not a slave to humans, but they are to be his slaves. Genies are made for heathens who believe in demos kratia. Democracy means "heathen creature rule." This is how your government is established isn't it? Your genie is satan, and through you heathen and deep pocketed special interest groups you let you desire be known to him through your representatives, and satan is a true "wretched scoundrel." So your genie has given you abortion, homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia and every type of evil freedom as a result of your own summons. The almighty God does not hear such heathen prayers. So by you own words, you condemn thy self.

Oh, by the way, I would not ask my God to smite thee. What I would ask him to do is give you salvation - a thing your atheistic god - satan - can never do for you nor himself.



All atheists are fools (Psalms 10:4;14:1;53:1)------Sign: Karl Marx, Rene Descartes, Nicolo Machiavelli, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Thomas Huxley, John Stuard Mill, A.J. Ayer



Try hard, if you will, to perceive the worth of atheism and if you make a proper assessment of its worth to any portion of mankind, it will be revealed to you that atheism is a demonic ideology or religion that is utterly worthless, to say the least. It darkens the minds of its subjects and bring curses upon every facet of human life.

The two basic responsibilities every person of mankind have are to love God more than all else and to love mankind. Atheism accomplishes neither one of these responsibilities. It blasphemes against God and brings harm and death upon mankind.

Atheists are not fit to be parents; they are not fit to be employed in any portion of any society; they are not fit to be any kind of leaders in any society, nor are they fit to serve in any area of public trust. Atheism makes every person who embraces it unfit for any good work.

Atheists are not even fit to live. They have forfeited the right to life by virtue of being unfit for any good thing.

The decline or absence of morals in any society can be traced to atheism or the like. All the problems in every facet of society the world over can be traced to atheism, or denial of God and disobedience to him. The rapid increase in crime the world over can be traced to the same. Atheism has nothing good to offer any society.

Atheism is so heinous and does so much harm that there is desperate need for legislation against it. It is not an ideology, philosophy or demonic religion which should be allowed to exist and flourish in any society. Every atheist should be regarded as high criminals by all governments who have no right to live on the earth.

Signed by: Karl Marx, Rene Descartes, Nicolo Machiavelli, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Ludwig Feuerbach, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Thomas Huxley, John Stuard Mill, A.J. Ayer.



GREETINGS CLASS>>>>>Today, I'd like to expose an heathen principle I label as "equality of the genders."

As you know, atheists and other non believers claim women are equal to men. However, when we turn to the Bible, we find that the Creator of all mankind says females are the weaker gender. Heathen reasoning erroneously concludes that the principle of inequality of women is injustice to women. However it is not injustice, but great wisdom.

To illustrate what I mean, let us all walk out into our aviary. You will notice that of every specie of birds we have here, the plumage of the male bird is more colorful and prettier than the female birds. Look at the plumage of the male peafowl as opposed to the female. Notice the plumage of that male pheasant as opposed to his female mate. In wisdom, God made the female's plumage dull and drab as opposed to creating the male's plumage very colorful and much more attractive.

Think for a moment why God created some birds this way, and when you realize why, you will see that there is indeed wisdom in Him having created birds this way.

One reason why the female's plumage is dull is because she must sit on her eggs. While she incubates them, she must be camouflaged from predators so she can successfully incubate her eggs. If she was the same color as her mate, she would be visible to every predator that passes her way. In time, this would wipe out the species. So there is indeed great wisdom in God having created female birds unequal to males.

Now I would like for you to imagine for a moment that every one of the female birds in this aviary are women and every one of the males are men. Then imagine that the women are trying to be equal to the men. You should realize that since there is great wisdom in women being the weaker gender, they should take the place that God has given them. By women trying to be equal to men, they are doing great harm to themselves and society.

Observe here another example of the worthlessness of atheism, how deceptive it is to all who embrace it, and how harmful it is to marriage and society.>>>>>CLASS DISMISSED.



>>>>>GREETINGS CLASS>>>>>Today I want to show that there are instances in life where we must exercise FAITH. The concept of FAITH is understood by you, but the illiteracy of atheism causes atheists to have a tough time understanding it.

Now please turn your attention to our video screen. I am going to quickly show you the development of a child from the time of his birth up through a few years of his life. Notice that the child is born without any knowledge of his parents. As the godly parents tenderly care for the child, you will notice that the child gradually learns to have faith in his mother to feed him and has faith in the tender care of his father. At such an early age, he is not capable of reasoning.

Now please turn your attention from the screen and focus your attention on another example: Notice the woman as she purchases or leases a motor vehicle. Although some women understand the technical operations of motor vehicles, yet there are many who don't. Now notice that as she daily drives her vehicle, she exercises a faith that it will crank, operate properly and get her where she intends to go without any technical knowledge of its mechanical operations. This does not means she has a "bird brain." She may be a doctor, an attorney and etc. She purchases a Lexus or Mercedes so that she can exercise more faith in the vehicle.

Full knowledge is never gained about anything. Therefore there will always be instances where simple childlike faith rightly must be exercised.

What I want you to do when you leave this class is challenge every atheist you meet to prove he or she exercises pure reasoning in everything they do in life. Get them to prove that they never exercise faith in anything. When they are made conscious of the fact that ninety percent of their lives are lived in the exercise of FAITH, you will find that not one of them will admit it, and you will receive dishonor from them. That's what atheism causes poor atheists to do.




Hi everyone. I am 7 years of age. I want to let you knoe what and atheist ears. And atheist iis a person who uses his brain the wrung way.. Atheist don't know trutht. no one can no truth if theu rejek it. atheists are fools. They say it is no GOD. i afraid of atheists. if my parents wood have been atheists, they probably wood have killed me when eye i was in my mama woomb. Atheist kill sic olld people. atheists are nasty. atheist put a lot bad thing on the computer. atheists are dangerous. ppeople



TEACHER>>>>>GREETINGS CLASS>>>>>Today I would like to direct your attention to a fundamental principle of the deception of atheism. I will do this by quoting the words of an atheist. After the quote, I will explain its deception:

"...You say that atheism is "authored by the devil", this statement couldn't be more untrue. As an atheist, I do not believe in the devil as much as I do not believe in god. I am not a devil worshipper for the simple fact that I do not believe in any supernatural deity WHATSOEVER. This does not make me a criminal, a heathen maybe, but criminal no....I am not a so-called sinner because I do not believe in your definition of sin, simply put I am human...just like you."


We desire every student to notice carefully the deception that is stated in the above quote. It is very typical of atheists' responses and exemplifies some fundamental deceptive principles of atheism:

Notice first that this atheist mistakenly believes that it is impossible for them to be worshippers of satan simply because they do not believe in him. Atheists don't understand that worship of satan is not contingent upon a realization or acknowledgment of satan's existence. A denial of satan does not nullify his true existence. And a denial of worship of him does not release a people from being slaves to him. One fundamental principle of creation is that every person of mankind must either worship God or worship satan (Matthew 6:24). We sometimes refer to this as the "either or" principle. It is exemplified in other areas of life. Another example: all humans must be either males or females. There's no way out of it.

It must be understood that when mankind's Creator, God, first created man, man was created in God's kingdom and first worshipped God. But when mankind fell from their created state of righteousness, satan became the lord and king of all mankind, and all are born into the world as his slaves and worshippers regardless of their heathen beliefs. The only way out of this awful enslavement to satan is salvation through the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is what God's salvation is all about.

One thing further we would point out is that the atheist we quoted also erroneously believes that he is not a sinner simply because he doesn't agree with God's definition of sin. But a disagreement with the true divine definition of sin does not release a person from being a sinner. Deception is no salvation from sin. Only Christ Jesus is salvation (Acts 4:12).



Even though computers aren't capable of rational thought and know nothing about morals, yet they have more sense than the most learned atheist. Case and point: The other day while working on a PC, I began deleting unwanted files. There was an html file that showed all of the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Since it was a duplicate file, I decided to delete it also. When I clicked "delete", the usual message came on the screen that said, "Are you sure you want to send the 'TEN COMMANDMETS' to the Recycle bin?" The question struck me very deeply because of how it was worded and for a moment I hesitated to delete the file. After clicking "yes", a message box came up on the screen that said an illegal act had been performed by a program. Now what atheist or heathen has sense enough to think as correctly as that unthinking computer. Atheists do not think it's an illegal act to try to destroy the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Another case and point: Even though computers cannot be made to make rational and moral decisions, yet with certain programs, they can be made to filter out smut that is on the web. This is something atheists cannot do. They think such smut should be allowed. Atheists are incapable of distinquishing good from evil. In fact, they deceptively regard good to be evil and evil to be good. It is atheists who place the smut on the web. So, unthinking and amoral computers can do morally what ignoble atheism is incapable of doing.

Atheists, who made computers have made them capable of being more correctly rational and moral than themselves.




As you know, the basic building block of some matter are atoms. Atoms are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Light microscopes can magnify them 2000 times, however, that is not enough to see them. Even when an electron microscope is used , which can magnify 300,000 times, yet that still is not enough for atoms to be seen. Only a scanning tunneling microscope can magnify atoms enough times to where they can be seen. Atoms must be magnified at least 10 million times before they can be seen.


So since atoms are the basic building blocks of matter, and they are too small to be seen by the naked human eye, we see proof that it is impossible for humans to create matter. They cannot create that which they cannot see. And it was only in recent years, 1981, that the scanning tunneling microscope was invented that enabled humans to see atoms.

But not only are humans incapable of creating matter, but no creature or thing has that ability. If anyone foolishly rejects God as the Creator of matter, the only other alternative to attribute its origin would be to "Mother Nature," whoever that is. Or you would have to say matter created itself. That would be tantamount to saying that matter created itself from its own nonexistence and would be giving it the ability to create while in a nonexistent state, which is quite insane.

It would also be attributing the creation of matter to that which has no ability to think. If thinking man, angels and demons are not capable of creating matter, how is it that he who can think will foolishly attribute its origin to that which cannot think? That is tantamount to making unthinking matter itself or "mother nature" greater than the thinking creature. And to attribute the origin of matter to matter or "mother nature" is to make them god.


It took one who is superior in knowledge, understanding and power to create matter. The only One who has the ability to do that is the Almighty GOD. That is proof that GOD exists. In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth. Reject that fact, and you prove yourself to be a big fool.

Reject the Almighty God and you have no sensible and right answers to anything, because your whole foundation is missing.



I hereby challenge any atheist to name any genuine CHRISTIAN of old who believed that the earth was flat. Please supply concrete proof that he was a genuine Christian and substantiate that he believed the earth was flat.

What you will realize when you endeavor to perform this impossible task is it was not genuine Christians who believed this myth, but it was the liberal, atheistic so-called "scholars" and etc... of the day who originated and perpetuated that myth. But now that the same ilk of people look back into history and see how terribly mistaken earlier atheists were, they try to blame those early myths on true Christians. A hundred years from now if they ever come to realize that their present day speculations are also wrong, they may blame them on present day Christians also.



An atheist asked me the following questions:

What if there -is- no god?

ANSWER: If the one and only true God did not exist, nothing else whatsoever would exist. That which is created cannot exist apart from its Creator.

What if there -is- a god?

ANSWER: The proof of God's existence is overwhelming. Therefore one cannot make the supposition that the Almighty God exists in the midst of overwhelming evidence of His existence. That is like saying "What if I am reading these words" while actually reading them. A supposition of the existence of God cannot be rightly made in the midst of knowledge of His existence.

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