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The TEN COMMANDMENTS are superior to the American Constitution

The United States Constitution is thought by blind patriots and the so-called "educated" to be the oldest surviving constitution in the world. But that is not the truth.

The most ancient constitution is the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven - the TEN COMMANDMENTS - which God wrote in the hearts of all mankind when He created the first man Adam over 6000 years ago, and which He reiterated as the Constitution of the Corporeal nation of Israel of old over 3,000 years ago; but America's Constitution is only 210 years of age.

It is true, however, that the United States Constitution is the oldest surviving heathen constitution.

The United States Constitution is kept in the National Archives building in Washington D.C. This is a huge structure built in endeavor to preserve the original document. The structure has concrete vaults and steel cases made in endeavor to protect the document from the destructive effects of sunlight. The vaults are air-conditioned and the humidity is controlled to prevent deterioration.

But the TEN COMMANDMENTS have and need no such protection from the elements, and yet they are able to survive apart from any effort of man.

America's Constitution is displayed with the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights in the Exhibition Hall of the Archives sealed in a gas-filled enclosure. After it is displayed it is mechanically lowered into a vault made from steel and reinforced concrete that is 20 feet below the floor. The purpose of this is to endeavor to protect it from fires, explosions, earthquakes and bombings.

But no elaborate protective environment has been designed to protect the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Yet they survive as strong as ever even after having been through generations of bombings, earthquakes, explosions and fires.

Even though no one knows the whereabouts of the original tablet of stone upon which God wrote the TEN COMMANDMENTS for the Hebrews with His finger, yet not one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS has been lost, changed or amended. But that would not be the case for the American Constitution if the original were lost. And even while the whereabouts of the original is known, it has already been amended.

The TEN COMMANDMENTS survive as strong as ever even though a world of generations of heathens have sought and are vigorously seeking to nullify or destroy them. The very fact that the heathens exalt the factitious American Constitution and the UN Charter above the TEN COMMANDMENTS is evidence of their efforts to destroy them; but they are only futilely exalting that which cannot stand the test of time.

Despite the efforts of heathens to make the American Constitution stand supreme and eternal, the "Manifest Destiny" of their Constitution is complete destruction, even if no one lays a hand on it. But the TEN COMMANDMENTS will still be in existence, shining in their full splendor and glory, throughout eternity future. Surely it is clear that God is the One protecting the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Hey, America! We believe in, boast in, and live by a CONSTITUTION that is eternally superior to yours! It just makes good sense to do so!


Copyright © 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee