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To the American citizen:

It is not our custom to glorify the two most important and fundamental documents upon which America was founded. But every American who does, and everyone who cares about the domestic welfare of America, should take the time to very carefully read America's Declaration of Independence, and pay special attention to the long list of grievances the lawyer, Thomas Jefferson, listed (beginning in paragraph 5), that the 13 colonies had against the British government, or the British king - the reasons that made them feel justified in fighting a bloody war against the greatest superpower that then existed - in which many would sacrifice their lives in order that the colonies might formally sever their legal ties with Great Britain.

While noting each of those grievances, every American should take further time to carefully compare them with the great number of immoral crimes and injuries which have and are being done to America by the powerful and rich, and by the vain, immoral and highly criminal deep-pocketed special interest groups and the government - such injuries as the stigmatizing of true Christianity; the gradual criminalization of true morality; the decriminalization of homosexuality and legalization of same sex marriages; the legalization of the murder of innocent and helpless human embryos and fetuses, as opposed to the protecting and paroling of high criminals and known murderers, regardless of the heinousness of their crimes; the murder of the so-called terminally ill… the list goes on and on.

But that which should be perceived by such a comparison is that the list of domestic injuries done to America is not only an extremely long and rapidly growing one, but the nature of every one of the injuries exceedingly outweigh in heinousness every one of the grievances the colonies expressed against the king, so much so that the colonies' grievances were quite petty in comparison. Foolish immoral and anti-God special interest groups, on all levels, are doing far more harm to these 50 states (and the world) than the king of England was ever capable of doing to the 13 colonies.

In view of these facts, let every American also carefully ponder paragraph 3 of the Declaration of Independence. It will be seen that it implies that if America's republic-democracy becomes destructive to the God-given rights of its citizens, it is the right of the sensible or God-fearing citizens to "alter" or even "abolish" America's government, and to establish a new government that will protect their God-given rights. The caring and acting citizens of America have far greater justification for beginning such an altering or abolishing process than the 13 colonies had.

The colonies were motivated and accomplished their goal from petty grievances. Can today's caring American citizens accomplish the same, being motivated by the greatest of justifications a people could ever have? The rapid decline in morals is a loud wake-up call.

To those who might be repelled by the truths expressed herein, we ask them the following question: Surely no one would frown upon, condemn or seek to suppress the free speech of a person who publicly expresses his agreement with what is right about one of the most important documents of America, would he? All who would do so reveal themselves to be the actual domestic enemies of the American society.


Copyright © 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee