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The proper attitude towards any heathen charter

I'm adamantly opposed to allowing myself to become enslaved to and guided by the heathenistic principles of the American constitution and its amendments (or to any man-made charter).

I do not and will never possess the least respect for any opinion, ideology, philosophy, religion, etc., that is erroneous or morally wrong.

I do not respect anything a person may think, speak or perform that is antithetical to true righteousness, and I will never fight for any person's so-called "right" to be wrong in any way, not even for myself, my dear relatives or friends.

No person of mankind has the God-given right to think, speak, perform or tolerate anything that is erroneous or evil. We only have the right in God's sight to be right and to tolerate only right. The only views I respect are those that are in strict harmony with the holy principles of the MORAL LAW of GOD - the TEN COMMANDMENTS - and the unadulterated teachings of HOLY WRIT, which are based upon the MORAL LAW.

I will fight for any person's freedom to do anything that is appropriate and right in God's sight. But I am actively engaged in warfare against any person's so-called "freedom" or "right" to think, speak or act in any way that is erroneous or evil in God's sight.

The height of foolishness is to respect and tolerate that which God labels as evil, and to fight for one's so-called "right" to think, speak and perform evil. Alas, this is what the American constitution and its amendments direct the citizens of America to do, so, this is one of the many reasons I refuse to be guided by any part of it.


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