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We, the corporeal citizens of America (and the world community), should acquiesce to the fact that many of the so-called "rights" and "freedoms" guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, its Amendments and the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights are not genuine rights and freedoms, but moral evils in the sight of God.

We should, therefore, not be the least disquieted at the thought of such "rights" and "freedoms" being abridged in any way, as long as only those so-called "rights" and "freedoms" which are truly evil in the sight of God are taken away, and as long as our genuine God-bestowed rights, freedoms and responsibilities to do that which is right in God's sight become state-embraced, state-established, state-guaranteed and state protected, under a new, righteous and perfectly antithetical Constitution - the Moral Law of God, without such a holy Constitution ever being amended in any way, and without the least abridgment of the holy rights, freedoms, responsibilities and rewards such a holy Constitution guarantees.

We should determine to never possess the least respect or veneration for our or any other citizen's so-called constitutional rights and freedoms to do even the least moral wrong, whether such wrong be directed towards God or man; or whether such wrong is performed in the exercise of the principles of the various heathen religions, or the so-called non-religious philosophies; whether performed in the various dialects of speech and press; whether performed in the various types of assemblies or petitions of the government; without partiality unto ourselves, kin, color of skin, national birth, service and position in public office, type of employment; whether educated or uneducated, rich or poor, male or female, young or old; etc.

We should therefore determine to never vainly and foolishly put forth the least effort through our physical, spiritual or corporeal resources to grieve for, plead for, fight for, defend or ensure the least immoral "right" or "freedom" on behalf of ourselves or any other citizen of America or of the world community.

It should, however, be our unwavering struggle, aim and endeavor, by all the righteous powers providentially given to us, whether great or small, through all and any appropriate means acceptable in the sight of God, to unhesitantly and boldly seek to bring about the absolute destruction of all immoral "rights" and "freedoms," without fear of the evil consequences of unjust injury, unjust punishment or unjust death; and to seek to have established, highly exalted and preserved, without the least infringement thereof, all true rights, freedoms and responsibilities given to all of mankind by their holy Creator, which are designed for His most holy glory and mankind's corporeal and eternal good.

We should further seek to establish the rightful and fiery holy wrath of every government against all and any one who would infringe upon or abridge such moral rights and freedoms, and against all who would practice any deed contrary to such moral rights, freedoms and holy responsibilities; and to have the various governments, on the other hand, to highly praise, honor and reward all who conduct their lives both in heart and deed, according to the Holy Spirit of the most holy Moral Law of God.

In seeking to bring about this righteous, most radical and antithetical change, we should realize that not a single body nor soul would nor could be harmed thereby - that such change is really for the total good of every citizen of America and the world community. It would therefore bring upon the world universal healing the world so desperately needs. The realization of this fact should create within us the strongest desire and efforts to bring about this holy change. But be it emphatically stated that such changes cannot properly take place unless the citizens of America and the world community come to painfully realize that they must abandon their governing constitutions, and the umbrella-charter of the United Nations, and in turn, embrace the most holy Law of God - The TEN COMMANDMENTS as their national and world Constitution. Thus the goal of bringing real healing to America and the world is like creating a new earth.

As a start in seeking to bring about this change, the citizens of America and the world community should begin to be in favor of a moral "litmus test" for all who would serve in public office, insofar as such a test is in strict accord with the proper principles and Holy Spirit of the Moral Law of God.

As long as such a Constitution is not embraced by any government and by those who serve in the various levels of the governments, we should make it emphatically known to those who would serve in public trust, that we will not support anyone who must swear to uphold and defend a national constitution and world charter that guarantees and protects immoral "rights" and "freedoms."

If we, the moral-loving citizens of America and the world community, continue to allow the foul canker of evil "rights" and "freedoms" to spread, we are in essence truly abridging our true God-given rights; for where evil is tolerated and protected, God's righteousness will not be allowed.


Copyright © 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee