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Many people have been deceived into thinking that "clean" government is America's governments adhering strictly to the American Constitution and its amendments - that any deviation from the foundational principles upon which the founding fathers established America is corrupt government.

But it doesn't matter how rigidly government officials adhere to both the letter and spirit of the Constitution, government cannot thereby become truly clean in the sight of God, because in God's sight, the foundational principles are themselves thoroughly unrighteous.

The different levels of government cannot be made right by those serving in public trust adhering strictly to a constitution of unrighteousness. Nor are they made the worse by government officials deviating therefrom by their performance of "unconstitutional" unrighteousness, unless such deviation is the performance of actions that are more heinous than they would be while performed under the original corrupt principles.

As long as the government officials that deviate do not practice more heinous principles, it doesn't matter in principle whether they adhere or deviate. And in such cases, the citizens that clamor for strict adherence do not practice anything better than the officials that deviate; nor do they clamor for anything more noble.

In fact, since the foundational principles are themselves corruption, the officials who deviate therefrom do better if they do so to perform higher principles that are truly righteous in God's sight, and they do far better than those that clamor for strict adherence to the corrupt foundational principles.

Therefore, the call for "clean government" through adherence to the corrupt foundational principles is either deep blindness, or a great feign - both of which are in harmony with the unrighteous freedom the foundational principles allow.

The few who truly desire a genuine clean government and a clean society do not blindly and foolishly clamor for strict adherence or a return to the corrupt principles upon which America was founded.

Advocates for a genuine pristine society advocate a complete ANNIHILATION of the unrighteous foundational principles, and a REBIRTH of America upon the Moral Laws of God - the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

One day, champions of the American Constitution and its Amendments will learn that those creature-made principles are perfectly antithetical to true cleanliness. But until they realize that fact, I challenge them to rightly prove otherwise.


Copyright © 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee