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When the first amendment to the American Constitution is properly examined in the light of God's righteousness, its true colors are clearly revealed as being evil in the sight of God and purely heathenistic.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…' : When the implications of that clause are applied to the most important area of the life of mankind, which is his responsibility to God, it means the legislative branch of America is prohibited from making laws respecting the worship and obedience of even the true God - the Creator of the heavens and the earth - the God to whom all governments are responsible and the God every person of mankind, in every society, is responsible to obey and worship.

Such a prohibition upon congress is evidence that the depravity of the founding fathers of America caused them to brazenly overstep proper bounds, and to tread upon the holy ground which no creature has divine authority to tread, thus defiling the holy institution of government by enslaving congress to their corrupt wills.

It's absolutely proper that the lawmaking body of a society should be prohibited from making laws favoring all forms of idolatry, all forms of manmade religions, all forms of manmade philosophies or ideologies, etc. But it should never be prohibited from making laws respecting honor, obedience and worship of mankind's Maker, or form adopting His most decorous moral laws as the foundational principles governing its government and society. In fact, it is a heinous crime of the worse sorts for a lawmaking body to have such a prohibition upon itself.

Such a verboten is dictatorial enslavement of the worse kind. By congress having been shackled, straitjacketed and made powerless in this most important area, under this heathen bond, it is denied its God-given right of carrying out its one and only true responsibility and real purpose of existence, which is to bring into effect the type of legislation that honors and glorifies the Creator, and which works towards the true corporeal and spiritual good of every inhabitant of the society.

Nothing is more vital towards understanding the nature of good government than to perceive that neither of the three branches of government are the inventions of man. They are not unique in America nor in any other society. The executive, legislative and judicial branches of government are the original foundational principles of God's kingdom which He established over all mankind when He first created man. Therefore whenever there is a government, the three branches thereof will always be present in some form. There can be no real government unless the three are in existence.

The fact that man didn't invent these three principles, and yet cannot destroy or exclude them from a continually existing government proves that they were established by God and that government is entirely divine. Therefore whenever there is a government, it is God's government, giving corporeal proof that He is rightful King, Legislature, and Judge of that society. There is never an exception to this profound and awesome truth. God is rightful King, Legislature, and Judge of all mankind.

Therefore congress or any nation's legislature shouldn't be an arm of government whose prime responsibility is to the will of the people. Far be it that the will of the depraved creature should tread upon holy ground and impose its will upon God's corporeal legislature. Such a functioning of the legislature grievously degrades it to a deranged and corrupt legislature. Congress is responsible to a higher law than manmade or factitious law. Its prime responsibility will always be unto the will of the Most High and Holy God, and thus it should always be the corporeal means by which the true God's laws are imposed upon the people. Such is the order of the legislature uncorrupted. Few people have understood these facts, and even fewer are willing to accept them. The founding fathers of America certainly didn't understand or accept them, which proves indisputably that they were true heathens.

From whence cometh this power which deemeth it proper for measly creatures to brazenly place such a foolish prohibition upon God's lawmaking body? Is it truly the will of the people or some other power governing their wills? Certainly any power that prohibits the legislature of a nation from officially making laws that honor and glorify the true God doesn't proceed from God. Only a satanic power would dare to make such a prohibition. It's therefore clear who's truly the author of the first amendment and whose power has been actually governing and corrupting God's government over America since its inception to the present.

But congress' responsibility to God cannot really be nullified by any manmade or satanic mandate against such. No responsibility to God can really ever be negated by creature law. When the creature's mandate perishes, his responsibility to God remains as strong as ever. Therefore despite the first amendment, congress' responsibility to God nevertheless stands, and every person who serves therein will one day stand before the true Judge, Legislature and King to give full account to Him. Creature law is only deceptive law. It seeks to nullify or overstep the will of God so as to give the false sense of the absence of responsibility to Him.

If only the people of America could be willing to accept the fact that congress is really highly exalted when it is released from its enslavement to the will of the depraved creature, and when it begins to properly carry out its responsibility to God. But they are not willing for that to happen, and so, they foolishly insist on debasing the legislature to their depraved wills, while deceptively priding themselves on having a great and wonderful constitution.

But only that which properly honors and glorifies God can rightly be regarded as praiseworthy and honorable. Anything or any people who prevent the legislature of a nation from honoring the true God does not rightly merit honor, but is a true shame to that nation.


Copyright © 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee