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What are the greatest responsibilities every man, woman and child are required by God to perform during the entire course of their lives?

That most momentous question was posed equally to white and black political figures, law enforcement officials, college professors, teachers, mentors and so-called orthodox protestant "ministers." Not one of them was able to give the correct answer. Most expressed values which are sadly deficient or different from the chief responsibilities.

Ignorance of mankind's supreme responsibilities, lack of appreciation of the recognition thereof, disagreement with the fact of their preeminence and embracing values other than the preeminent responsibilities, especially by the so-called experts, the "learned" and the leadership of a society, are among the things at the heart of all that's awry in every society. If the leadership, etc, are blind about the most important facts of life, the majority of the inhabitants of their society will be the same. Just because a person holds the position of president, judge, legislator, college professor, expert, teacher, minister, mentor, etc, does not mean he or she knows or honors the essential principles of life (John18:38; Exodus 5:1-2).

Simply stated, the greatest responsibilities every person of mankind will have during the entire course of our lives are these: to love the Lord God (the Creator of the heavens and the earth) with all our souls, minds and strength, and love every person of mankind (those who have not committed a crime in God's sight that's worthy of death) as we should rightly love ourselves. There are no responsibilities which can supersede, change or destroy these responsibilities. They are divinely established and are therefore preeminent, universal, immutable and indestructible (Matthew 22:34-40).

There should therefore never be any disagreement from person to person and from generation to generation about the preeminence of these responsibilities. Citizens who have been properly educated and sane minds of the leadership of nations should wholeheartedly agree and acquiesce to their supremacy.

The proper functioning of the societies rests upon the governments' and their leaderships' realizing, publicly acknowledging, embracing and perpetuating these major responsibilities by practical laws, leadership-expressed sentiments and values.

The felicity of every inhabitant of the societies rests upon their agreeing to, valuing and submitting to these most decorous principles in every detail of their lives.

But in order for societies to be properly established, it is absolutely essential for all who will play a major role in establishing or reestablishing them to perceive that to love God and all of mankind are indeed the most important responsibilities of life, and therefore, it is of utmost importance that the nations be properly established upon these principles. Those who find themselves in the position of reestablishing a government should settle for nothing less. This is an area of human existence which should tolerate no compromise.

Lamentably, this is where the founding fathers of America failed. After the patriots of the American colonies declared independence from Britain and won the Revolutionary War, it seems they had a golden opportunity to establish America upon principles that would genuinely make it a great and wonderful nation.

But they could not do so. All evidence point to the fact that the founding fathers were graceless men who were true haters of God. In fact, history states that Thomas Jefferson and his friend James Madison were secularists and didn't "…follow the beliefs of any of the established churches of their time." Because they were graceless men, they didn't possess the moral and spiritual power to properly establish this nation upon divine principles. Nevertheless, many people insist on foolishly believing that America was established upon what they call "Judaeo-Christian principles" - a belief which is far from the truth.

Proof of what has been stated is clearly revealed by the fact that America's Constitution doesn't at all identify or address the two preeminent responsibilities which God requires of all governments and of every inhabitant of every society. The most important document of this nation is absolutely silent in this regard.

Our first and foremost responsibility to love God is really none other than the requirements of the first four commands of the TEN COMMANDMENTS; and our responsibility to love every person of mankind is commanded in the latter six.

The TEN COMMANDMENTS are the principles upon which the corporeal nation of Israel of old was, and the spiritual kingdom of heaven (which the corporeal nation of Israel of old typified) is, based. But it should be carefully noted that none of the principles of the TEN COMMANDMENTS can be found in the letter or spirit of the American Constitution. In fact, anyone who properly understands the TEN COMMANDMENTS and the American Constitution can clearly see that the two are really quite antithetical and thoroughly hostile to one another.

How clearly do these facts make manifest the empty boasts of false preachers, religious radio talk show hosts and guests and unregenerate professing "Christians" across America, who state that America was established upon "Judaeo-Christian" principles - who erroneously claim that America is a Christian nation, and who seek to harmonize or unequally yoke the heathen principles of democracy with those of the Kingdom of Heaven. They are utterly blind to the fact that the two are as opposite to one another as light is to darkness.

When unregenerate religionists flippantly and vainly pray: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," they don't know a fraction of what those precious words really mean. The will of God is summed up in the TEN COMMANDMENTS; but the TEN COMMANDMENTS do not allow for anything that the American Constitution allows.

Those who rightly desire that the will of God be done on earth should begin to understand just what this means: It means to desire that God be the King of America (and of all nations), and for America's government and its officials to become God's instruments by which He would, through them, impose His Laws upon the people. It means that the people take their place as servants of God rather than them seeking to make His government their servant or genie. It rightly means the destruction of democracy and republicanism, because the Kingdom of God is a Theocracy. It means the destruction and intolerance of all the varying heathen religions and philosophies, and that every person worship the true God and believe only in Christ. It means the destruction of all immoral rights and freedoms guaranteed and protected by the American Constitution, etc. As one understands the true righteous nature of the Kingdom of God, he will find that it is absolutely contrary to the core ideals of Americanism. There is no greater proof than this that America was founded upon and is being governed by heathen and satanic principles.

Since the founding fathers failed to establish this nation upon the most noble principles of all, it is time for those of us who clearly understand that they didn't, and for those of us who have the grace in us to appreciate and live according to those noble principles, to do all within our power to seek to reestablish America upon the divine principles of God. He who does not seek to do so cannot truly love God or mankind.


Copyright © 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee