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Things you should know

Children deserve better than to be forced to live with homosexual parents. Where there are such parents, they should be punished according to Leviticus 20:13, and the children should be placed within righteous families.

"Choice" in America often is a matter of which way you want to perform evil or serve the devil.

It sounds absolutely absurd for supreme court judges to vote on an issue. Either they are judges or voters. True judges judge, not vote.

When government is the servant of the people, it is thoroughly corrupted by the people.

Never think you have the wrong book even if you pick up the Bible by mistake!

If it weren't for marriages, funerals, political activity and other corporeal endeavors, the so-called "churches" in America would cease to exist.

The news media is the worse institution in America, and the most despicable.

When you take into account what the so-called "educated" people don't know that's essential to know, and compare it with the vain "education" they do have, it becomes clear that they are quite dumb.

What good is the poem,

What good is the rhythm and rhyme?

As long as they do not convey God's truths,

They are not worth a dime.

America's glory is its shame.

The industrial revolution in America helped greatly to destroy moral values in America. The factory system was developed not as a result of need, but from greed. Home employment employed everyone. But the factory, having destroyed home employment, cannot employ everyone. Thus unemployment was created by the industrial revolution.

Let me ask you this question, oh man: Why do you think heaven is heaven? It's because its King is the Lord Jesus Christ and it's charter is the TEN COMMANDMENTS, and all it's citizens are without sin.

The president, congressmen and the judges take an oath of office. But it is blasphemy to swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states with one hand on the Bible. To do so is like swearing by God to do the devil's will. No sane person who loves God can swear to uphold any constitution unless it is based entirely on the MORAL LAW of God. Contrary to what many people think, the constitution of the united states is not based on such a righteous Law.

Who are heathens to comment on whether God exists or not; they don't know whether their own selves exist or not, or whether the life they live is truly real.

Democracy is best defined as anarchy with God's gracious providential restraints upon it.

Every citizen of America has found cause to argue against democracy one way or the other, because it is not right for anyone.

I don't attend funerals. I've never attended one during my adult life. Whenever I am convinced that a person truly went to heaven, then you will see me at his funeral.

The most vain and immoral aspects of the american society are in arts and entertainment. It is within these fields that the greatest moral decay is perpetrated in america.

What is the use of higher learning, critical thinking and educational skills when they do not enable you to know God?

One cannot have thoughts of a true GOD without actually thinking of the true God, because there is no true God other than the true God. In other words, one cannot imagine a true God without actually thinking of the true God. There are no imaginations of the true God apart from actually thinking of the true God. The true God is not a God of the imagination.

DEMOCRACY falls short of the glory of God, and therefore it is an absolute failure.

Raising your children under americanism or any other principles other than true Christianity is child abuse.

Clapping hands and standing ovations from the world is praise from satan.

Yawning has been observed in human embryos within the first trimester.

To all law enforcement officials: It doesn't do any good to "go by the book" when the book is wrong.

God gives His people values worth LIVING and DYING for.

Let the MAJORITY winner in every democracy consider what Mark Twain said: "Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain't that big enough MAJORITY in any town?

Those who would endeavor to properly straighten out the american society will have to forget about attending college or seminary and forget about a "degree", because once you have obtained a "degree," you will have become thoroughly incompetent and impotent to do anything truly worthwhile for america.

All you have to do is think backwards and you understand America perfectly.

The criminals in america are more righteous than the government. The prisoner that killed Jeffery Dalhmer proved it.

Solomon quite obviously is not the one making judicial decisions in america.

One of the most vexing things in all of God's creation is for a wise man to be ruled by a fool; a righteous man to be ruled by the unrighteous; the godly to be ruled by the ungodly.

How do you make life miserable for heathens? By making it that they must submit to God's righteousness.

The more "technologically advanced" the world becomes, the more morally stupid it becomes.


In a democracy, the people are always under the curse of any fool becoming president.

One of the greatest reasons why the world is getting more evil is that it continually resists and suppresses God's righteousness.


One difference between a truly righteous man and a wicked man is: you can't depend on the righteous man to defend you when you are wrong.

Middle-class blacks are foolishly frustrated that they still are, to some degree, prevented from serving satan as do whites. They will not be satisfied until they have the freedom to serve him equally.

God has stated that, "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God' (Psalms 14:1;53:1). In view of that solemn fact, it is quite interesting to note who the people are who deny the existence of God. They are government officials, the rich, scientists, college professors, teachers, attorneys, doctors, etc. All who deny God are to be rightly regarded as "FOOLS," regardless of their job titles, levels of education and positions in the society.

A study of the history of any nation, especially of american history, is a study of heathenism. To study history is a study of the total depravity of human nature.

Blacks have never understood how blessed it is to be outcasts in the american society.

Be ashamed, O america! You have not raised young men and women who are virgins.

The men and women whom america and the rest of the world have chosen to honor and make as their leaders, heroes and role models have been and are heathens - in almost every case.

It's LEGAL for boxers to break one anothers' noses, blacken one anothers' eyes, knock out teeth and try to give one another a final concussion which may result in death; but it's ILLEGAL to cock or dog fight.

To say that the american constitution is dim-witted is to say the least, and such a statement is really a complement to the men who drafted it, and to the people who erroneously perceive it as wisdom.

Sir, I'm not looking for your constitutional OPINION; I'm looking for God's TRUTHS.

YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE WRONG, regardless of what any man-made or demonic charter says.

Where is the true victory, O man, who has defeated your opponent, when both of you argued or fought over what is evil?

He who agrees with america's constitution and its system of democracy becomes moonstruck and goes crazy.

Those who call themselves "conservatives" in America do not realize that they subscribe to a liberal charter, do they?

Growing old should not cause anyone to become a bigger fool.

There is no salvation in democracy. Rather, there is only condemnation and damnation before God.

Sin is an alien that has no true rights.

Better is a dictator who rules every aspect of the lives of the people with true justice and righteousness, than a democracy wherein the people indulge in the evil and idolatrous freedom they desire.

No citizen of the United States can have the proper attitude toward America unless his sentiments border on sedition or treason.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel for the nonelect, except the bright light that emanates from the lake of fire.

Show me the world and its ideologies, and I'll show you a world deceived; show me the world and its history, and I'll show you a world amiss; show me the world and all its glory, and I'll show you a great pile of excrement.

America's constitution truly does not manifest the wisdom of the founding fathers. Rather, it manifests the deceptiveness of a more superior being, namely the devil as its author.

The eyes that desire to see truth must be wise enough to see through deception.

When a righteous man purchases something from a poor man, he does not grumble about the poor man's asking price.

All the nations of the world would be better off if they had nothing to do with America.

Democracy is a religion of works.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are born backwards and thoroughly depraved.

To say that America was established on Christian principles is blasphemy.

He who can look at the most prized, honored and exalted things of the world, and see them as being rubbish is a very learned and fortunate person.

All major news media in America is the main medium by which satan and his demons speak to the American public. The senators and congressmen are also the medium by which the people make their desires known unto satan, and one means by which satan answers their prayers.

The answers to America's ills are so radical, that if they were presented to the backwards American government and gullible public, they would appear to them as unpatriotic and treasonous.

Many so-called difficult situations and questions do not need Solomon to answer. All that is needed is love for God's righteousness and common sense - the same things Solomon had.

No law charter or constitution that is truly righteous needs amendments to ensure that the basic God-given rights of citizens are protected. The very righteousness of that charter itself promotes both the glory of God and the good of man. Any charter that needs amending is an unrighteous charter.

Demons cause more than one type of expression on the faces of the people whom they possess: There is the glassy-eyed look and stare of the epileptic; the feminine look in the male homosexual; the masculine look in the lesbian; the look of education and sophistication; the look of innocence and truth in the liar, etc...

Any person that does not have the right attitude about God's moral Law is not a genuine saint, regardless of what they profess.

If there is any kid who should have been aborted while it was an embryo or fetus, it was America. Britain rightly tried to abort it, but was prevented from doing so by satan.

Satan's bowels began to churn and growl, and they began to give him awful pain. Then he felt a strong urge to expel excrement. When he did so, it gave off the most awful smell. His excrement is the american constitution and its amendments.

He who effectively fights against every demonic and manmade ideology, philosophy and charter there is will find himself in a very tight corner. That corner is where God's true people dwell.

There is nothing worst than being an ambassador of satan and nothing better than becoming a slave of God.

The worst person I've encountered in the world was a patriotic American.

How exhilirating to realize that the God I serve is the God who thwarts the plans of nations.

Black women are condemned by whites for having a lot of children; but nobody is condemned for murdering their babies through abortion.

Never treat an animal better than you treat a human being.

The poor man lives in hope; the rich man lives in fear.

Every person who calls himself a "CHRISTIAN," and serves in any branch of the armed forces and fights in a war to protect America's interests, fights to protect a nation of heathens who hate God.

I have nightmares after reading the American constitution and its amendments.

The only people who will say that people have the right to believe the way they want to believe are people who do not have the truth themselves.

Democracy is like AIDS rapidly spreading across the globe.

Deception is so great in America that there is debate as to whether human embryos and fetuses are human, or whether God exists or not.

Reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution is seeing the world through the eyes of homosexuals.

There is a counter argument against every truth from God. The saint must be prepared for these arguments, in order to be unconvinced or swayed by their seeming validity, and to expose them for the foolishness they are.   4/17/98

True wisdom and knowledge have as their foundation the Law of God.   4/17/98

America is the leading anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Jesus Christ nation on earth.   4/17/98

Justice in a legal court of law can only be had where the scales are balanced on one side with love for God and the other with love for our fellow man.  4/17/98

God's fingerprints and DNA are all over creation. Yet, scientist and the rest of the so-called "educated" and "experts" continue to deny that He is their Creator.  4/18/98

I am sure that there are many people who became demon possessed at the time they thought they got born again. Instead of God having given them the Holy Spirit, they received an evil spirit which dramatically changed their lives and deceived them into thinking they had become true Christians. But they will find in the end that it was a demon in them mimicking salvation.  4/17/98

In no place in the Holy Bible will anyone find God speaking favorably about a republic form of government, nor democracy.   4/17/98

Are you a member of an international family planning agency that lobbies foreign governments to change their abortion laws? Then you are a murderer - a high criminal who deserve the sentence of death.  4/28/98

Some murderers are more righteous than the government. After they murder, they have sense enough to commit suicide. That is, they bring the sentence of death upon themselves. But had they not rightly put themselves to death, the government would have wrongly placed them in prison to house, protect and feed them at the victims' relatives and tax payer's expense. Then, after a few years, they would have been paroled to murder again.  4/28/98

The best way to insure the earth is never over populated is for sensible and righteous governments to clear all forms of atheism and heresy.  5/20/98

Atheists are like roaches; they run from the light of God's truths and take refuge under the darkness of lies and deception. Any true Christian can always squash them by the lies and deception they take refuge under.   5/20/98

The musical "Beauty and the Beast" made by atheist homosexual heathens at Walt Disney is designed to subtly create tolerance in the foolish american society for BESTIALITY !  6/5/98

In heathen so-called "christian churches" the real ministry takes place within the gossip.  6/5/98

How do you make life miserable for atheists and all other non believers in God? Make it so that they must submit to God's righteous laws. Just to make them to have to do what is right will drive them out of their minds.  6/5/98

Only the RIGHTEOUS have the God-given right to rule any nation. The WICKED do not have such rights. They should be punished, not put in positions of leadership and not become government officials.  6/5/98

There is no such thing as a "pacifist." Every "pacifist" is a muderer according to God's righteous Law.  6/13/98

Better is a hollow scull that contains only one of God's truths, than a full scull filled with the lies and deception of totally depraved highly educated man and satan.  6/13/98

Righteous and proper government does not poll the people to determine whether they are satisfied with is laws and actions. Whomever among the people are dissatisfied with righteous government, that is their problem.  6/17/98

Have you ever felt bad about having performed a stupid act and condemned youself for having performed it? Well, why haven't you done the same for believing in and yielding to democracy? And why haven't you done the same for rejecting God?  6/17/98

Place the TEN COMMANDMENTS and the proper teachings of the Scriptures on the Internet, and heathen criminals will treat you like you have placed smut on the web.  6/17/98

Has a person ever made you so angry you wished he was dead? Then why can't you feel and express that same fervency of anger towards true criminals such as atheists, pedophiles, homosexuals, murders, rapists and etc? It is likely that the people who made you so angry did not commit death worthy crimes in the society; but the people we have name have. What you should wish for these people is that the government put them to death.  6/19/98

If there will be any true Christians who will be murdered in America by any atheist, agnostic or unbeleiver as a result of those Christians boldly speaking and acting against the atheistic sentiment in america, it will be the american constitution and the patriotic public who murdered them.   6/21/98

There is a time and season for every purpose under heaven. There was a time for blacks to fight for civil rights, but now it is time for them to fight against it as it pertains to gays.   6/24/98

It is the champions of "free speech" who want to suppress the expression and practice of true Christianity.   6/27/98

After removing all the good kids out of the public schools, the next things to do are: install jail cells, guards and put up razor wire.   6/27/98

The democratic gain that is rapidly taking place throughout the world community is one of the worst tradegies and curses that has befallen mankind.   7/5/98

The plainest evidence of man's total depravity is seen in the many vile and heinous acts being committed in america and the world community. But like atheists who deny the overwhelming proof of the existence of God, man denies his total depravity in the face of overwhelming proof.  8/10/98

The corporeal Jews are looking for a "messiah" but they don't know where he will come from (John 7:27). Since the true Messiah, the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, came from heaven, but the Jews did not and do not believe in Him, and since Jesus is the only true Messiah, meaning that no other Messiah will come from heaven, then the messiah the heathen corporeal "jews" are looking for can only originate on cursed earth or descend out of hell. It is therefore plain to see who their messiah is. He is none other than the old serpent.  8/10/98

How foolish is democracy! It allows the establishment of a given premise; but also allows a multitude of false conclusions to be drawn from the premise. It foolishly protects people's so-called "right" to maintain their false conclusions in the name of their so-called right to believe the way they want to believe. Not even the bounds of proper reasoning and common sense allows the freedom to draw false conclusions from any given premise. Thus we see that the principles of democracy are contrary to right reasoning and common sense.  8/27/98

Now, why does the phrase "Old Testament" offend many so-called "jews?" The phrase most definitely imply a higher revelation. And it is ideed true that there is a NEW TESTATMENT. Not a single "jew" has a justifiable reason to be offended by the phrase. The so-called "jews" reject the NEW TESTAMENT and thus they are condemned by just the phrase, "Old Testament." Isn't it true that the truth of God is a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense to the so-called "jews?"  8/28/98

Heathen historians and so-called "scholars" do a lot of foolish and unsupported speculations about various events in history and pass such excrement on as facts to innocent children in schools, colleges and universities and the gullable public.  8/31/98

There is only ONE true religion which is true Christianity; all others must be proscribed!  8/31/98

Americans are phycologically and morally damaged by their educational system, as evidenced by violence, aggression, sadism, hostility and other unattractive characteristics. : 8/31/98

The universal religion is a mixture of every manmade and demonic doctrine there will ever be. Therefore democracy is contemporary Catholicism.  9/27/98

Every society will have groups that can be identified with prevailing social patterns and institutions. In america, such are the atheists and other pagans. But there are others who oppose and defy america's atheistic and pagan establishment. Yes, america has its critics and enemies. But the ever enduring group and most important are the few who are true Christians - rightly so. True Christians understand the heathenism of the american establishment and thus is unconvinced it is the best of all possible worlds. True Christians have serious reservations about america's morality and political philosophy.  9/27/98

Do you realize that the only thing that gives democracy existence is SIN? The absence of democracy is perfect obedience to GOD.  11/17/98

Its better to have God's righteousness than brains, because on the day of judgment you surely will look dim-witted without it.  1/16/99

So-called "Education" as is taught in the "elite" universities is largely nothing more than prevailing erroneous opinion created by the vain minds of heathens who are so-called "experts" and is the foundation upon which most "educated" people unfortunately foolishly make public policy and view life.

If you are a true follower of Christ, you must come to understand that americans aren't interested in righteous laws. In fact, as long as they don't feel corporeally harmed by evil laws, they do not want righteous laws. What they really want are laws that legitimizes their particular selfish interests and moral crimes. To effect this, they have and will continue to elect representatives who are moral criminals themselves.

The best argument for democracy is circular, immoral and insane.  3/23/01

The prime focus of the first state of the union address a newly elected president makes should not be in reference to the economy, but in reference to the terrible moral condition of America. This should be his prime focus in every state of the union address he makes.  3/23/01

Have you noticed a curious but very sad fact about america's so-called "Criminal Justice System"? Whenever cold-blooded murderers are brought before it, it is just as IMPOTENT to inflict the justice of the death sentence upon them as it is to resurrect from the dead the people they murdered.  4/2/01

America thinks it fit to declare war on the Taliban and risk the lives of innocent people in Afghanistan, while domestically it diligently works to get rid of the death penalty for truly death worthy criminals - the electric chair, lethal injections and etc, calling the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment.  10/9/01

The airlines and the government bear a great part of the responsibility for the lives of the people who were lost in the attacks. This is so because the airlines have experienced prior hijackings and in the wake of those hijackings, the industry and the government did nothing to remove the vunerability of the cockpits from hijackers, terrorists or anyone bent on wreaking havoc.  10/9/01

There are also ten towers of morality standing in america. These noble towers have been constantly attacted by presidents, legislators, judges, scientists, the news media, the movie and music industries, heathen special interest groups who seek to perpetuate homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, anti death penalty groups, etc. These have done far more damage to america than the people who struck the world trade center. And yet, for some strange reason, the american public and its government have never seen these as destructive to america and have never felt the need to declare war against them. The american constitution and its patriotic public are more of a threat to america than any.  10/9/01

Where's your proof america -- where's your proof? Your patrotic atheists claim they live by proof. However, they are content to live by blind faith in regard to this matter.  10/9/01

Is america waging war against "religion"? Yes indeed it is! But it will never admit it. It always has waged war against the spirit of true Christianity within is own borders by legislating against true morality and by seeking to impose its immoral sentiments upon other nations.  10/9/01

americans should seriously ponder and rightly answer the following important questions: Does america's existence have as much true benefit to humankind as it thinks it does? Has the many immoral ways it has developed domestically and the immoral and selfish things it has sought to impose on the rest of the world greatly depreciated its worth? Has it lost its right to existence?  10/9/01

Considering the fact that america was established upon antiGod, antimoral and antiChristian principles, it might be asked: Why is it that america has not declared war against professing Christians as it has the so-called extremist muslims? It is because practically all of what america regards as "christianity" is not genuine Chrisianity. It is a fake version which interprets the Bible in accord with the satanic constitution and democracy, and actually is in bed with america supporting, praising and enjoying its evils. But true Christianity condemns america and true Christians are very few in number. As such, they do not pose as great a threat to america as do the Taliban.   10/9/01

The outworkings of the heathen american constitution has the effect of desensitizing the souls of it sympathizers to the heinousness of every form of true moral crime, so that in the end any degree of negative attitude rightly expressed against moral crime by any person is looked upon by the deceived public as unjustifiable "hate" and "intolerance". The net effect is that the constitution has succeeded in making evil appear as good and righteousness as evil.    3/24/02

You may never realize a specific law in america against true Christianity until you begin to properly understand the american constitution.    3/24/02

Talk about child abuse and and human rights violations - nothing teaches you how to do it better than the american constitution.    3/24/02

Most americans cannot properly identify a true human right. Can you?    3/24/02

In order to be officially classified as a true patriotic american, you have to be a moral pauper, morally illiterate or one who has committed moral apostasy. Otherwise, you're not wanted in america.  3/24/02

It doesn't matters which method you use and how effective you are, you will not be able to teach true morality to champions of the american constitution or to its sympathizers. They just can't apprehend it.  3/24/02

Pour morality or God's righteousness upon the backs of patriotic americans and it will run off like water poured on the backs of ducks.  3/24/02

Aside from all the rest of manmade and demonic religions including false "christianity", the demonic catholic religion is one of the dirtiest. It fosters the death worthy crime of homosexuality and it priests have helped give Aids to the world.  3/24/02

Insane sympathy for homosexuality is partly due to the deception successfully imposed upon the society by the demonic catholic religion.  3/24/02

I hope you have given due notice to how the Enron executives hid under the fifth amendment to the american constitution for protection from prosecution after stealing hundreds of millions of dollars. That was quite criminal, wasn't it? So now you see clear proof that your beloved constitution actually protects high criminals. That's a clear demonstration of the fact that the american constitution is a criminal constitution. Champions of the american constitution close their eyes to that fact. What do you do?  3/24/02

The heathens say true Christians must be ignorant to be ruled by the true God. But they don't realize that heathens don't have to be ignorant to be ruled by satan. All they have to be is totally depraved.  6/1/02

Foolish president, foolish judges, foolish legislators, foolish leaders, foolish society. What on cursed earth do america really have going for it?  6/3/02

With its superior "technology" and weaponry, american is the most powerful nation on earth. It can literally subdue any country on earth who becomes its enemy. But it cannot subdue sin. Sin has literally conquered america because it has no weapons against it.  6/3/02

Americ! America! Please listen! Please do not let the likes of Ozzie Osburn get the victory and capitolize off you!  6/3/02

Its time to ask yourself what makes you so tolerant of moral crime in your life and in society? Why is it that you care nothing about its existence and are making no effort to destroy it?  6/4/02


The United States does more damage to the environment than any other nation, including poorer nations with higher populations.  7/21/02

Democracy as known in america is none other than organized crime.  8/1/02

demo cracy  -----  demo  N  cracy  -----  DEMONCRACY.    Now you know the origin of democracy. It is none other than SATANOCRACY  8/1/02

Its impossible for there to be any contradictions in perfection. The so-called contradictions you erroneously think are in the Bible imply how spiritually, deceived, depraved and dimwitted you are. The Bible to your mind is like calculus to the dimwitted. Keep trying!   8/2/02

Isn it astonishing to realize that there are nasty homosexuals who are doctors, nutritionalist, and etc trying to tell people how to live a healthy life style.  8/3/02

There are those who believe that regardless of the heinousness of the crime, the death penalty is never warranted. Such people should be put to death by government.  8/6/02

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and the american constitution.  8/25/02

In almost evey case when you see a "beatiful" female - young or old in america you are looking at a SLUT.  8/25/02

Things are not as rosey and promising in regard to the so-called latest and promised breakthroughs and finds in the medical industry. Scientists will never be able to effect the cures for diseases that Christ performed. Its all deceptive hype.  8/25/02

The question has been asked: "Why do people in the middle east and others hate america?" In endeavor to appear patriotic and make america appear noble, the answer more often given has been, "They despise us because we are a prosperous and successful nation." However, the answer is quite an erroneous one. America is hated simply because it is an evil nation and hated even more because it seeks to rule the world, police the world and impose its satanic democracy and immorality on the world. As long as america remains an evil nation and long as there are people in the world who rightly hate true evil, america will be hated. But america is not only hated by sensible people, it is also hated by the Almighty GOD.  8/28/02

Your love for the american system is definitely based on either ignorance, deception, love for evil, or all of the above.  8/28/02

The american way is the way to hell.  8/28/02

Read the american constitution very carefully. Do a thorough analysis of it and note its outworkings in society. Then, compare and contrast its principles with the holy principles of the Bible. If you do it right, you will discover that the constitution is a thoughly satanic document.  8/28/02

Wait, wait wait! Get a hold of yourself young man! That's the way it is supposed to be. But the reality is it doesn't work that way. The standards you have named are too high and noble for an american president, legislator or federal judge. To qualify, all you have to be is a fool, moral criminal and a murderer. The same is true on a state and local level. Do you want legal proof? Read the last sentence of paragraph 3 under Article 6 of the american constitution. Now you see an example that proves the american constitution is not truly a noble document and america was not truly established on noble principles. A truly noble person doesn't qualify. Quite disappointing, isn't it!   9/14/02

Almost all if not all of the places called "churches" in america are none other various gateways to hell. Notice how numerous they are and how easily accessible they are. You don't need to drive to another city. There's one down the road or around the street corner. Notice how welcome you are. You can choose to enter the gates of hell with the rich or with the poor. Satan bars no one. Proof that most if not all of the "churches" are various gates to hell is seen from the little impact they have on the american society in curbing the prevailence of immorality in the midst of their prominence. It is also seen in how great of an impact they are having in perpetuating immorality and tolerance for it.  9/22/02

If there could ever be truly justifiable reasons for pregnant females to have abortions, none would be more justified than the cases wherein the females could receive true knowledge that they are carrying non-elect homosexuals or any of the non-elct of mankind."  9/25/02

You may not have actually given it much thought, but the american government not only allows pornography, but also actually copyrights it for the criminals who make it. A lot of the smut on the Internet has actually been copyrighted by america's government. So you see, it is moral criminals who think america is a great nation. America's entire economy is largely run off immorality. There's not much here for truly righteous people to love, is there  9/28/02

The american people continue to prove overwhelmingly that they are the biggest fools on earth. The fools would do well to seal themselves off in rooms with plastic and duct tape.  2/16/03

Its been stated that someone asked president Bush "How does it feel to be a mass murders?", and stated the president answered by saying: "How does it feel? I don't feel a thing".  2/16/03

It is God who caused the Columbia disaster and the tragedy should cause america to rethink its murderous intention to wage an unjust war against Iraq.  2/16/03

Foolish americans moaned and shedded tears for the seven people killed in the Columbia disaster, but will they shed tears for the innocent people america will murder in Iraq.  2/16/03

The close quarters of the Columbia space shuttle was not an approriate place for women to share with men.  2/16/03

Was sex in space one of the experiments the columbia crew performed? If so, the ones who were married committed adultery in space and the rest committed formnication and perhaps homosexuality. If that is so then they got what they deserved. Should those who help corrupt and introduce human depravity into space be regarded as heros?  2/16/03

Laurel Clark had an 8 year old son. She abandoned her son for the fleeting american dream.  2/16/03

The Columbia crew did not end up in heaven; they fell back from heaven.  2/16/03

The american constitution is just a demonic philosophy that was made into law and embraced by totally depraved fools.  11/26/03

Why are heathens so concerned about global warming while having no concern about hell.  10/18/06

Just like those who were members of the KKK who were in positions of law enforcement and who worked in the criminal justice system protected other KKK members who were brought before the criminal justice system for committing crimes against blacks, so too, homosexuals who are in those same positions protect their own when they are brought before the criminal justice system for having committed crimes against children and etc.  10/18/06

Truth is one, but error is manifold. Therefore truth cannot be democratized. Democracy exists to give freedom of expression to error.  1/3/2011

There is no justice for the Christian whose fate is determined by atheists or gay jurors.    8/28/2011




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