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Sunday, August 28, 2011

What law did God write upon the heart of man when He first created him ? Was it not God's Law (Romans 2:12-16)? Therefore whose government did God originally create all mankind under? Did He not create man with the responsibility to perfectly obey the laws of God's spiritual and corporeal government (Romans 3:19)? And what law did man violate when He brought death upon the entire human race? Was it not God's law? Therefore what kind of government did God create man under? Was it not a theocratic kingdom?

We know that the nation of Israel of old was not created by any humans. It was created by God alone. Therefore upon what law did God create Israel? Was it not upon a reiteration of the Law and government under which He originally created all mankind? And what kind of government was God's government over Israel? Was it not a theocracy or kingdom? But more importantly, for what reason did God create the nation of Israel upon the same law and government under which He originally created mankind? Was it not so that the Lord Jesus Christ would be born under the same law under which God created man?

When the Lord appeared on the scene, did not His forerunner, John the Baptist, introduce Him by saying "Behold, the Kingdomof heaven is at hand (Matthew 3:2)?" And when Jesus began His ministry on earth, did He not preach the same (Matthew 4:17)? And why was it necessary for the Lord Jesus to be born under the reiteration of the law and covenant under which God originally created all mankind? Was it not so that the Lord Jesus would perfectly obey God's Laws in the stead of His elect -- the very law of God's kingdom which all mankind had violated? And while the Lord Jesus Christ was on earth, did He not preach the gospel of the kingdom of God (Matthew 4:23)? Did He not also inform His people in the Lord's prayer to pray to God that God's kingdom would be established on earth and that God's will, which is His law, will be done on earth as it is being perfectly obeyed in heaven (Matthews 6:9-13)? And when each of God's elect become a recipient of God's grace and gets born-again, doesn't God deliver their souls out of the domain of darkness, that is, out from under all other rules, authorities, laws and powers and transfers them into the kingdom of Christ (Colossians 1:13)?

And when Jesus returns, isn't it true that He is going to abolish all rule and authority? That is, He is going to destroy all of the various forms of manmade and demonic philosophies, religions, charters, laws, political philosophies and governments, including democracy, which were all created in defiance of God's kingdom (Daniel 2:44)? And is He not going to establish His kingdom on the new earth -- the reestsblisment of the very kingdom which God originally created over mankind when He first created man? And is it not true that Jesus' kingdom is the only everlasting kingdom, through which He will rule over His people throughout all eternity future? And will it not be that the estabishment of His kingdom will be a fulfillment of the Lord's Prayer (Mattew 6:9-13) and the sincere desire of His people when Jesus' everlasting kingdom is established on the new earth.

Since all mankind was originally created under God's kingdom and theocracy, doesn't that fact inform us that the proper form of government over mankind should be the theocratic government of God? Doesn't the fact that God Himself created the corporeal nation of Israel of old teach us that all corporeal nations should be established under the theocratic kingdom of the Almighty God? If Jesus could only be born in God's kingdom and under God's laws and could not have been born under another, including democracy, then this teaches us that all forms of government other than God's theocratic government are not of God, and are not right for any portion of mankind. If God' theocracy and laws were the only ones right for the Lord Jesus Christ, why shouldn't they be right for all mankind? Wouldn't it be a high eternal priviledge and blessing for any person to be so fortunate to be made a citizen thereof?

He who disagrees with these facts prove he is on the way to hell. For if he does not want the particular manmade or demonic charter and law of the corporeal nation in which he lives to be annulled and the true God's laws and theocratic government established over that nation, then how is it that he is going to want to be a citizen of Christ's theocratic government? If he does not want God to reign over him in this world, how is he going to want Him to reign over him in the world to come? He who does not want God's theocratic government established over him now will not be worthy to be a citizen of Christ's theocratic government then. Amen!


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