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Article #3
Date Posted: March 19, 1998
Article written by: Robert T. Lee           



Throughout the history of mankind, coldhearted criminals who have committed the heinous crime of murder, have sought various ways to keep from being rightfully punished by the government for their murders. Many have not been successful in their endeavors. However, there is a class of criminals who have been quite successful. Below is a list of means they are using in america to get away with not only a single murder, but mass murder. If you want to murder BIG TIME and get away with it, these are some of the things you must do.

  1. Get so-called "experts" to make the words "TERMINAL ILLNESS" mean that a person will most definitely always have the illness without the remotest possiblity of getting well, get foolish legislators to make the concept legal, and then legally put to death those who are "TERMINALLY ILL" who are depleting your financial resources, or those who ask to die.
  2. Get so-called "experts" to classify certain members of the human race as being non-humans and get foolish legislators to make the classification legal.
  3. Get chosen as a member of a state's pardon and parole board so that you can let out of prison murderous recidivists who will murder again.
  4. Become a high government official, particularly president, federal judge or legislator.
  5. Get rich.
  6. Become a defense attorney so that you can defend murderers.
  7. Live in a state that doesn't have the death penalty and kill as many people as you desire.
  8. If you hate children and like to put to death innocent people, become an abortion doctor or an abortion doctor's assisstant.
  9. If you hate people who are terminally ill, pretend to have a deep love and mercy for them in their sufferings and kill them.
  10. Kill someone and pretend you are insane.
  11. Murder someone before you turn 18.
  12. Be a female
  13. Receive the sympathy of the satanic news media and anti-death penalty special interest groups.
  14. In the ring, hit him hard enough if you are a famous boxer.
  15. Be the jury's hero
  16. Hire a famous attorney who really knows his stuff about the murderous american constitution.
  17. Become a pathologist, and go into business assisting the so-called "TERMINALLY ILL" to commit suicide.
  18. Get nominated as a supreme court justice and decide who has a "constitutional" right to live and who doesn't.
  19. If you want to hire someone to perform a murder for you, hire anyone of the people in the positions we have named above. But in order to get away with the murder, it MUST be done "legally" or "constitutionally."
  20. Lobby against the death penalty and get foolish legislators to make laws against the death penalty. Then kill or have killed the person or people you hate.
So, to sum it all up: In order to commit murder and get away with it, live religiously by the American constitution and its amendments.

Important note: This article is not meant to influence anyone to commit the crime of murder. It is meant to show that the american constitution and its amendments are not the noble documents many people think them to be. They are really MURDEROUS documents. The criminals who possess a deeper understanding of the satanic wisdom contained in those documents realize that fact. They know that any crime can be committed "legally" if it is done the "right way" - acccording to the dictates of the constitution. It is the "ignorant" who do not realize this fact, and so, they get caught and punished for their crimes because they commit their crimes "unconstitutionally."

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Copyright 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee