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Article #4
Date Posted: April 1, 1998
Article written by: Robert T. Lee           



Hi, I'm satan, the author of the american constitution and its amendments. Its highly unusual that I do this, but let me reveal a truth to you about myself. First, forget about any conspiracy theories about the assassinations that have taken place in america. What I'm about to reveal to you are two examples of how all of them were really accomplished ultimately:


It was early April 1968 when foolish Martin Luther King Junior was killed as a leading spokesman for so-called "civil rights" for heathen blacks.

But a very important fact which I made King and many other people, black and white, unwilling to recognize and publicly acknowledge is that a great portion of the so-called "rights" that I guarantee in the constitution are none other than immorality. I do not give my servants the freedom to obey God. I give them only the freedom to do evil and to worship me legally or "constitutionally."

Since Martin Luther King and those associated with him didn't possess the moral ability to make a distinction between the true God-given rights every Moral Law abiding citizen should have, and those evil so-called "rights" no person of mankind should be given the license to perform, which I have the demonic power to guarantee, I made King and all those involved in the so-called "civil rights" struggle demand the full spectrum of so-called "rights" for blacks of whatever nature I "guarantee," and of whatever nature heathen whites were already enjoying and would enjoy under my dictates.

Its never my policy to allow anything on earth to remain chaste. So this is where I caused the so-called "civil rights struggle" for blacks to lose its chasteness and become truly corrupt. Ha, I caused foolish King to put his life on the line for immoral and evil so-called "rights" legalized by a satanic constitution that I diabolically designed. King's death was therefore largely in vain.

If King had struggled for the rights the true God has given all mankind, and had he been a genuine God-called minister, his death would not have been in vain. But he did not clamor for the rights that Moral Law abiding citizens should enjoy - the rights which the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven (the MORAL LAW) gives; but he clamored largely for the so-called "rights" of the likes of the corrupt earthly constitutions of the kingdoms of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I remember when the Lord Jesus Christ was on earth, and he said his people (whom I hate with a passion) will be more than repaid if they die for Him and His cause. But King did not die for Christ. He died for values from hell. Most blacks have not understood these facts because most of them are, including their leadership, stark heathens. Only God's true people have understood these facts. They are the only ones who can perceive that Martin Luther King died largely for heathen values. I, satan, therefore had King murdered by the very constitutional freedom he struggled for.

Now the same is true of Robert Kennedy. He was killed by a Palestinian immigrant by the name of Sirhan Sirhan, who resented Kennedy's support for "Israel."

Ha, ha! Kennedy was also murdered by my constitution and its amendments which he foolishly took an oath to uphold and defend.

But how did I, satan, accomplish his murder by my american constitution? Here's how it worked: I worded the first amendment of my constitution to say in essence that my servants and citizens of America have the right to embrace whatever ideology they may. God does not give this right since He is the only true God. But I do since I turn your affections from Him to any and every thing other than Him. So, here was this Palestinian who believed, by the rights my first amendment gave him, that my nation called "Israel" has no right to exist, and whose ideology was opposed to Kennedy's support for "Israel" and whose ideology said Kennedy must be murdered as a result.

Kennedy, being the blind heathen that he was didn't realize it at the time, but when he swore to uphold and defend my constitution, he swore to uphold and defend the ideology of the very Palestinian that murdered him. Therefore I made Kennedy thereby actually committed suicide by his oath to defend my murderous constitution. His death was also in vain.

The same has been true of all other assassinations and even for policemen and soldiers, and etc, who have died defending the so-called "rights" of my satanic american constitution.

My heathen servants, who are leaders and citizens of America, do not realize how utterly murderous and foolish is my american constitution and its amendments. When will they learn?


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Copyright 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee