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It is almost universally and mistakenly thought and taught by many that the TEN COMMANDMENTS had their origin at Mount Sinai when God gave them to Moses to impose upon the fledgling nation of Israel, after God delivered the Hebrews out of Egypt. It is also deceptively thought by others that Moses is the author of the TEN COMMANDMENTS. These deceptions have resulted in atheists making foolish effort to prove that other cultures that existed earlier than Israel had similar laws before Israel received them - the code of Hammurabi they suggest, for example.

But what has not been understood is that the TEN COMMANDMENTS are everlasting laws which did not receive their origin on earth, but have existed throughout all eternity past in Jesus Christ or God (Psalms 119:142; Proverbs 8:22-31). This is verified by the Lord Jesus in His words found in Matthew 5:17-18, in which He implied that the TEN COMMANDMENTS cannot be destroyed and are therefore eternal (Matthew 24:35; Luke 16:17).

The TEN COMMANDMENTS received their earthly inception after God created the first man Adam and wrote them in his heart or soul. Since all mankind are descendants of Adam, all nations and societies before and after Israel of old, regardless of how heathen they were and are, have had vestiges of the TEN COMMANDMENTS incorporated into their laws. This is because all mankind still have God's laws written in their hearts (Romans 2:14-16). Another reason is because the very existence and well-being of societies are dependent upon having at least vestiges of them to maintain some order and structure. From the beginning, God fixed it so that the total well-being of humans should be dependent upon a perfect obedience to God's laws.



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