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Justifiable basis for serving in the Military

Serving in the military of a nation is a very serious matter. For in doing so, soldiers may be called to fight to kill and/or sacrifice their lives for the interests of their country. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for a nation to be established upon the laws of God. Unless a nation is properly established upon God's laws, that nation will have no true right of existence and its core values and interests will not be worth sacrificing limbs or life to defend them. A high value should be placed upon human life. But if limb or life is to be lost, the values for which they are to be lost must be far more precious than human life. There are no values which humans can establish for themselves that can equal or exceed the value of worthy human life. God's laws are the only laws which can establish the proper values which can give a nation the right of existence, the right to defend itself and the right to defend God's interests. They are the only laws worth fighting, getting maimed and dying for. If the core ideals of a nation are not established by the laws of God, the wars of that nation become unjust and soldiers who fight in them become murderers.

Before a person makes the decision to join the military, he should do a serious in-depth study of the foundational document or charter upon which his nation is founded, and an in-depth study of its principles and core ideals. Then, most importantly, he should compare those principles and ideals with the holy principles of God's TEN COMMANDMENTS. If a proper understanding of the nation's charter is obtained along with a proper spiritual understanding and comparison of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, in every case, it will be perceived that the nation in which he is a citizen or alien is a heathen nation that has been established upon heathen values. Take for example a comparison of God's TEN COMMANDMENTS with America's constitution. In the first Commandment of God, God says to all mankind, "You shall have no other gods besides me." This means that humans only have the right to be right -- that they don't have the right to believe whatever they desire or chose to espouse whatever religion they desire or to embrace anything immoral in the sight of God. But the first amendment to the demonic American constitution says just the opposite. It basically says that the citizens of America have the right and freedom to believe whatever they desire and that they have the freedom to worship Satan and even the right and freedom to blaspheme the true God. Any principle or value that is antithetical to God's TEN COMMANDMENTS is always satanic and is not worth sacrificing limb and life for. Therefore he who fights in the American military will be fighting to uphold and defend the heathen freedoms and values of the American constitution as opposed to the righteousness of God. This is true of all the other nations of the world. There may be approximately 92 nations without mandatory military service and others have some type of enforced conscription, but the personal decision to serve also hold true for him who lives in a nation with enforced conscription.

Before joining or serving in a military, ask yourself the following questions: Is it worth sacrificing your limbs or life for women to have the freedom to murder their innocent fetuses or embryos through deliberately induced abortions? Is it worth sacrificing your limbs or life for the depraved value of gay and lesbian marriages? Is it worth sacrificing your limbs or life for gays and lesbians to become transgenders and for heathen doctors to perform such operations? Is it worth sacrificing your limbs or life for the depraved value of gays, lesbians and transvestites egregiously violating children's' God-given rights by such people adopting them? Is it worth sacrificing your limbs or life for the heathen freedom of doctors and scientists to make a living conceiving human embryos in petri dishes to be given to gay, lesbian and Tran gendered couples? Is it worth sacrificing your limbs or life for the first amendment freedom of making pornography? Is it worth sacrificing your limbs or life for the heathen value of making vain, villainous and murderous books, music and movies? These are just a few example of the sort of values of a nation you should seriously consider before joining the military. There are man, many other heathen freedoms and values not worth sacrificing limb and life for.



© 2011 by Robert T. Lee