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The most important principle to understand and adhere to when establishing a government or making a transition in government is that government is suppose to be God's government. That is to say that the foundational principles upon which every government should be established are upon the Laws of God. No other principles are suitable for any human society or government. Any other laws or principles that govern a nation or society are rogue principles which have no true legitimate authority and no right of existence.

The only proper form of corporeal government is a theocracy under the true God. Therefore not one of the forms of corporeal government that exist in the world today is the proper form -- not even republic/democracies. All mankind in the first man Adam was originally created by God in God's theocratic kingdom, and was made responsible to perfectly obey God's laws. Every person of mankind who is conceived into the world is conceived responsible to God, and remains so throughout his entire existence. This is the reason humans die because they broke the law of the theocratic kingdom of God. And this is why God's sends the nonelect to hell because they remained rebels of His kingdom all their lives. Thus since God's kingdom is a theocracy, and all mankind was originally created under the kingdom of God, and remains responsible to obey the laws of God's kingdom, the only proper form of government for humans is a theocracy under the God who created them.

It should be further noted that the government of the Jews of old was not created by any man, but by God. That government was none other than a corporeal reiteration of the government under which God originally created man. The main reason why God reiterated His covenant of works was so that the Lord Jesus Christ could be born under the same theocracy under which all mankind was created and under which they fell from their created state of righteousness. The Lord Jesus Christ could not have been born under a republic/democracy or any form of manmade or demonic government. He had to be born under the only form which is right for humans. He came into the world to perfectly obey the Laws of God, not the laws of depraved man or the demons. Since it was necessary for the Christ to be born under God's theocracy, and since God's laws were the only laws that were fit for Him to obey, then the only proper form of government under which humans should be governed is a theocratic form of government under the true God.

We may note further in Matthew 6:10, in the Lords prayer, that Jesus informed His people to pray for God's kingdom, not man's democracy, to be established on earth and for His will, namely His law, to be done one earth. And this desire and prayer of His people will definitely be realized, because when Jesus returns, He's going to destroy all the various forms of heathen governments -- including democracy, and all the nations will have to submit to His theocratic Kingdom under His righteous Laws. And after the Lord Jesus destroys all His enemies and destroys the old earth, He is going to create a new earth upon which He is going to establish His kingdom forever. If then a theocracy is the form that Jesus informs His people to pray for and the only form of government acceptable for the rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ over His people, then all other forms, including America's republic/democracy aren't right for any humans. For if America should be in existence, or if republic or democratic principles should be ruling any nations when Christ returns, those nation along with all others are going to be destroyed by God. Even now Jesus Himself is called the King of the Spiritual Jews, not their president, priminister or etc.

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