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The Law Cops should be enforcing

The job of people who serve in law enforcement is not to enforce manmade or demonic laws, but the laws of God. I have yet to meet or hear of a person who works in law enforcement who is aware, understands or agree with this fact.

Feburary 17, 2012

How the depravity of the First Amendment to the American Constitution is clearly revealed through cops

Have you ever seen or read some of the racy or indecent photos and comments cops have posted on the internet? The posts are said to "range from the merely embarrassing to the downright appalling." It is stated also that in Georgia, about three-quarters of those posts result in revocation of the officers' certifications, which ends their careers in law enforcement.

The point I wish to make here is how the revocations reveal the heathenism of the first amendment to the American constitution. It is suppose to guarantee and protect the right of free speech for every citizen -- even for cops. But what is tragic about the constitution, particularly the first amendment, is that it does not forbid the expression of depravity as a righteous constitution would. Instead it gives citizens the so-called right to indulge in and express depravity. Cops should have the right to publicly express themselves in social media or wherever according to the full gamut of freedoms which a righteous and civilized charter would allow. And they should be able to boldly do so with rightful dignity without any fear of revocation of their certifications. But as it is, if cops indulge in the evil freedoms the constitution allows every citizen, the evil freedoms are shown to be inappropriate speech or acts for cops, and degrade the dignity of being a cop.

Most people in law enforcement will not admit the heathenism of the constitution, as they have sworn to uphold and defend it. But if officers' certifications should be revoked for indulging in the heathenism that the constitution allows, that is testimony that the evil freedoms should be rightly viewed as criminal. And the state's regulatory agency for law enforcement officers -- the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, rightly implies its true criminality by virtue of the necessity of the rightful revocations of officers' certifications who post depravity on the internet according to the allowed freedoms of the first amendment. Since they are rightly shown to be morally criminal, no other citizen should be given the right to indulge in them as well. If they degrade the dignity of being a cop, they also degrade the dignity of being a good citizen. If cops certifications are rightly revoked and their careers are ended for their public displays and expressions of their indulgence in disgraceful freedoms which are allowed by the constitution they swore to uphold and defend, that is good reason enough to revoke any evil freedoms it allows.



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