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God is the One who created the sun to give light on the earth.  He also is the One who causes the earth to rotate.  He does not cause His sun to illumine the entire earth.  Only half of it is illumined at any given time.  Thus He also is the One who makes day and night.  Since God has caused only half of the earth to be illumined at all times and is the one who causes the earth to rotate within the light of the sun, He has caused the earth to be divided into 40 different land time zones that are said to be offset from -12 hours UTC to +14 hours UTC.  A few time zones also are offset by 30 or 45 minutes from a nearby hourly zone.  Then there are also nautical time zones from UTC-11 to UTC +11.  Some zones have the same time of day, but differ as much as 24 and 26 hours.  At a given hour of the day, the time zones produce three different days on different parts of the earth.

The zones are not manmade but are made by God through His causing the earth to rotate causing the differences in days on different parts of the earth.  Since God is the One who makes light and darkness differ on the earth that result in the beginnings and endings of days differently on the earth, He has never intended for there to be a universal or global Sabbath Day for all mankind. When God created the Sabbath on the seventh day of the first week of the beginning of time on earth, that seventh day was established from the vantage point or time zone of the place on earth where He planted the Garden of Eden in which He created Adam and formed Eve.  At that time, no other humans existed on other parts of the earth where the time zone differed.  And when He reiterated the same Sabbath law to Israel of old, Israel existed in a time zone different from other times zones on earth.

We have already noted above that God did not mean for there to be a universal or global Sabbath day of rest for all of mankind.  Such is impossible based on how God causes the earth to rotate and light to shine on it making for different times and days on the earth.  In order for there to be a universal Sabbath day, the entire earth would have to be illuminated during the day and darkened during the night, which would make for a global day and night with no time zones around the world.  But quite obviously God did not create day and night in that fashion.

Therefore those who would seek to observe the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week like it was originally instituted by God would have to live in the time zone in which God planted the Garden of Eden.  They also would have to live by the original Solar and Luna calendar and begin the first hour of their days at sunrise and end them at sunset.  As those things may be impractical for God's people because God may cause them to live in different time zones and etc, God's people may not now be able to observe the Sabbath exactly as it was originally instituted.

But observing the Sabbath exactly as it was originally instituted is not as critical as some people would like to think (Mark 2:23-28; Romans 14:5; Galatians 4:9-10; Colossians 2:16-17).  From the beginning God rested from His work of creation on the seventh day.  He reiterated the seventh day as the Sabbath in the Laws of Israel.  But an official and divinely approved change took place after the Lord Jesus was crucified and raised Himself from the dead.  He raised Himself the day after the Sabbath day -- the first day of the week (John 20:1-25).  The Lord also appeared again to His apostles and other saints on at least one other ocassion on the first day of the week  (John 20:26-29) so that the first day of the week became a very high day to the saints.  There was now the Sabbath Day and the Lord's Day -- but the Lords Day exceeded the Sabbath in importance.  The God the apostles and others had previously worshipped on the Sabbath had now risen from the dead on the first day of the week. As working six days and taking an "Intermission" day of rest was still required, God's people began to observe the Sabbath on the Lord's Day (Acts 20:7).  This was all in order, for it would not have been right to cast aside the Lord's Day just to rigidly keep the Sabbath.  Nor would it have been necessary to observe the Lord's Day in succession to the Sabbath.
Let us here dispel a foolish notion that exists in the minds of some people about this commandment:  This holy commandment does not imply that there are other gods besides God and that God is selfish and want humans to worship Him only and is here discouraging humans from worshiping any of the other gods.

No! No!  What is meant here is that God does indeed exist -- He is the one and only true God and there is no other.  From that vantage point, He commands humans not to foolishly endeavor to create gods, for whatever they fashion mentally or corporeally will not be the true God.  And He commands them not to regard any human, angel, demon, animal or thing to be a god, for whomever or whatever they regard to be gods will not be the true God.  In other words God requires that humans understand that God exists alone, and nothing else exists other than what He has created, and to regard anyone or anything to be gods would be regarding the things He has created to be gods.  By so doing, one ends up worshiping the creature rather than the creator (Romans 1:18-28).

Therefore God requires that He should be understood and acknowledged as the true God, and understood and acknowledged that no one and nothing else can rightly hold His position or title.  He requires that the honor, obedience and worship which humans are responsible to give to Him should never be given to anyone or anything other than to Him.
They pertain to the Soul / The spirituality of God's law is Proof humans have souls
« Last post by Robert on September 16, 2011, 10:51:46 am »
God's TEN COMMANDMENTS are spiritual (Romans 7:14).  Man is a tripart being, consisting of a body, soul and mind ( 1 Thessalonians 5:23).  The spirituality of the TEN COMMANDMENTS is part of the overwhelming evidence of that fact.  God made  man in such a way that the core of his being, which spiritual, was designed to obey not the letter, but the spirituality of TEN COMMANDMENTS.  In fact, when God created man, He wrote the TEN COMMANDMENTS in his soul (Romans 2:14-16).

It is the soul of a human which must obey the spirituality of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  Notice Christ's words in Matthew 5:21-28 wherein Christ basically stated that God's commandments against murder and adultery are violated in the soul apart from the acts.  Since His laws are violated by the soul apart from the acts, then it is the soul who is required to obey His laws.  Christ also informs us that God must be worshiped in the soul (sometimes called the spirit) (John 4:23). 
The applications of this commandment to human thoughts, words and deeds are exceedingly broad.  But one thing that it requires of the human soul is the recognition and acknowledgment of the existence of the true God.  This first commandment therefore prohibits the existence of atheism, or any man made or demonic philosophy, religion, opinion, charter or law that denies the existence of God.  The soul of every human being is required by this commandment to recognize and acknowledge the existence of God, to never doubt His existence and to maintain such an acknowledgment throughout his existence.

Not only does this commandment require every human to personally acknowledge God's existence, but it also requires that  every government should do the same and establish a laws to that effect.  It requires every government to embrace God's laws and impose them upon the people.  It requires, the people and the governments, to discourage, stigmatize and destroy every man made or demonic philosophy, religion, opinion, charter or law that denies the existence of God.
In my own words the Bible says that heaven and earth shall pass away, but the tencommandments will remain unchanged.

Good point  :)  Anyone who understands that all man made and demonic philosophies, religions, charters and laws will pass away, but the TEN COMMANDMENTS will endure forever should understand the utter foolishness of embracing man made and demonic belief systems.  They should abandon them all and embrace the indestructible TEN COMMANDMENTS!

Let it be noted that the above comment was made by a teenager :)
They are infinitely more glorious than all other laws when considering how all laws morph or are amended as the generations change or as rulers rise or fall from power. In my own words the Bible says that heaven and earth shall pass away, but the tencommandments will remain unchanged.
The Divinity of the TEN COMMANDMENTS / Re: The divine origin of the TEN COMMANDMENTS
« Last post by Robert on September 13, 2011, 07:39:59 pm »
 :) You have made some good and valid points.  :)

Let it also be noted, that man's spiritual abilities should be the prime focus since these are what are important in God's sight in man's efforts to keep the law.  Man lost his original spiritual abilities when he sinned.  Since he lost his original spiritual abilities, it is good to note that technology hasn't raised his spiritual abilities to any degree from his totally depraved and fallen state.  And therefore as you rightly stated, man has not improved upon either the original state in which God created him (because you can't improve upon what was perfect) nor has he improved upon his fallen state.  In fact, in a sense, a form of technology was the cause of man's fall.  Satan invented a lie and man embraced this new deceptive technology, and when he did so, he fell from his original state of righteousness and perfection (Ecclesiastes 7:29).
The Divinity of the TEN COMMANDMENTS / Re: The divine origin of the TEN COMMANDMENTS
« Last post by GL on September 13, 2011, 04:57:32 pm »
 That is a very good point. Another thing is that if you properly understand and recognize the abilities and limitations of humans any thought, word or deed performed by a human being can be precisely categorized and judged by one or more of the Commandments. The Ten Commandments do not need any amendments like the US constitution has had and there are no "loopholes" or "ways around the law." The Author of the Commandments must have known the limitations of all humans from that time onward. But He doesn't simply "know" our limitations and abilities, but He created our limitations and abilities. So much technology in the world of today, yet mankind has not advanced himself beyond any of his natural abilities that were placed in the first human and no technology can open mankind's ability to perform outside the Ten Commandments as it has done with manmade laws many times.
You are missing out on one of the greatest blessings of life if you have not been made fortunate enough to come to perceive the beauty and glory of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  They are eternally superior to every other charter, law or political philosophy which humans obey.  I challenge anyone in the world to point to a law that is equal to or greater than the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  Only fools obey man made and demonic laws.  Click here for information on the superiority of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.
The Divinity of the TEN COMMANDMENTS / The divine origin of the TEN COMMANDMENTS
« Last post by Robert on September 13, 2011, 07:29:10 am »
There are many who make the false claim that the TEN COMMANDMENTS were authored by a human, namely Moses.  But it is quite obvious among those whose souls have eyes to see that they have a divine origin.   For example:  both the penalty for disobeying them and the reward for perfectly obeying them prove that God authored them.  Because both the penalty and reward are eternal in nature.  No man made law could impose eternal penalties and rewards for violating or obeying it.

The nature of the penalty shows they are of divine origin.  The penalty is like none that a human could impose.  The penalty is threefold:  spiritual death (the death of the soul, but not annihilation of the soul), physical death and eternal death (meaning the second death, namely, the person spending eternity future in the lake of fire).  Eternal death! The penalty is eternal in nature. 

The reward for perfectly obeying them is like no other a human could  impose. The reward is ETERNAL LIFE.  Eternal bliss in the holy presence and holy kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ forever.  Go here for more information.What a noble Law!
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